Between nostalgia and emotion: Claxy presents the beautiful Ahead EP by Anjunadeep

Four original tracks are part of the release that came out last Friday (27th)

Earlier this year, Clara Valente and Gui Gautreaux, who form the Brazilian project Claxy, had already celebrated the release of the single ‘Closer’ on the compilation Anjunadeep 14. The duo’s authentic and expressive sound opened the door for them to have their own EP on the long awaited Anjunadeep. And that moment has just arrived.

“Ahead” features ‘Closer’ and three other original tracks with emotions as overwhelming as the first: ‘Overflow’, ‘Forward’ and ‘Every Road’. The EP is a fluid combination of melodic and organic house, bringing Clara’s sweet vocals together with Gui’s intense synthesizers. The feeling is that of being on the road feeling the breeze in the air, but at the same time it evokes the feeling of being at home in a creative mix of nostalgia and emotion.

‘Closer’ is soft and happy, perfect for a sunny Sunday evening. ‘Overflow’ brings comfort amidst the harmonic melody and its silky beats, overflowing with love and well-being. “Forward’ has a more melancholic tone and a dreamy atmosphere, making it seem as if we’re floating on an endless journey. Finally, ‘Every Road’ seems to be colder, with a tense atmosphere, but it’s just as sublime as the others.