Brazilians HOO and Foletto join forces for the catchy “You Make Me”

Signed by 43 Degrees, the track also got a remix by Kamilo Sanclemente

By Nicolle Prado


After a very well orchestrated reinterpretation of Queen‘s “I Want To Break Free” – as we commented here –, the Brazilian duo HOO is back, and this time in good company. The brothers have just released the single “You Make Me”, in partnership with Foletto, another exponent of Brazil’s electronic scene, which hit the platforms last Friday (29), embraced by 43 Degrees. The release also included a remix by Colombian veteran Kamilo Sanclemente.

This union of Brazilian forces has brought positive results. On the one hand, the duo HOO brings their organic style, which has been developing solidly, through a series of releases or from the renowned stages they have frequented, sharing line-ups with names like Black Coffee and Keinemusik. Completing this sum, Foletto brings his constant dedication and cohesive sound identity, based on deep melodies that have won over artists such as Guy Mantzur, D-Nox, Dmitry Molosh and others.

For this collaboration, the artists bet on combining their sounds, motivating themselves to awaken deep feelings and emanate passion for music. That’s why “You Make Me” takes a more emotional approach, with an impacting vocal, pulsating percussive lines, a sublime ambience and soft synthesizers.  Sanclemente’s remix, meanwhile, seeks to create a more synergistic atmosphere between the deep and the vibrant. Check it out:

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