Black Coffee shows continuous support for Swedish record label HMWL

South African DJ and artist Black Coffee, a Grammy award winner, is demonstrating continued support for the Swedish record label HMWL. In the past, Black Coffee frequently played “Multiverse of Dare” by Disalazar, an organic house release from HMWL, and added it to his Black Coffee track ID playlist, which has 100,000 followers on Spotify.

Sofiya Nzau

In 2023, Black Coffee once again selected HMWL’s latest release, “Ouria Deka” by Touzani and Sofiya Nzau, for his DJ crate. This track blends elements of tech-house and techno, featuring rolling drums, eerie soundscapes, and hypnotic vocal lines that take listeners on an emotional journey and leave their minds feeling refreshed. Touzani and Sofiya Nzau did an excellent job combining their unique styles to create something truly special.

Black Coffee has added “Ouria Deka” to his solid Track IDs playlist on Spotify once again.

“It’s amazing to see how one of the heavy weighers of House Music world keeps paying attention and showing support for our label’s catalogue” – says Alex Esser, the co-founder of HMWL.