Behind the Beat: FLEANGER’s Musical Journey

Welcome to today’s interview with FLEANGER, an exceptional electronic music artist who hails from Israel and currently resides in Berlin. Inspired by the “Flanger” music production effect, he adds his personal touch to electronic music, forging a unique identity. Today, we have the opportunity to delve into FLEANGER’s artistic journey, his passion for storytelling through music, and his profound desire to connect with listeners on a deep and emotional level. Join us as we uncover the artistic essence of FLEANGER and explore the fascinating world he has crafted through his extraordinary compositions.

HMWL: Can you tell us about the origin of your stage name, FLEANGER, and how it relates to your music? 

FLEANGER: My stage name stems from a music production effect I favour called “Flanger,” which adds depth to certain sounds, with an added letter E for the electronic music I produce. As you know, my music aims to create an emotion and atmosphere. A flanger is a type of audio effect that creates a distinctive “swooshing” or “jet plane” sound. It is created by combining a source audio signal with a slightly delayed, modulated version of itself.

HMWL:  How did your upbringing and struggles growing up influence your decision to pursue a career in music? 

FLEANGER:While growing up, I had trouble connecting with others my age. I started to use art as a way to express myself, and escape my troubles. First with drawing, graffiti, and then piano, which led me to writing music. In general, it’s a terribly cliche sentence, but music saved me in all ways, whether it means being a better student or whether it means being more complete with myself and what I bring to the world

HMWL:  As a musician and producer, how do you incorporate different forms of art into your creative process? 

FLEANGER: I try to take inspiration from everything that moves, I also really like abstract art and street art so that’s also a big part of the influences on my work and I listen to new music all the time and all day

HMWL:  You mentioned that every FLEANGER track has a story behind it. Could you share a specific example of a track and the story that inspired it? 

FLEANGER: Let’s take for example one of the tracks that I am very connected to called “Couples” it tells about a feeling with which I walked around the world that I would be lonely all the time and that I would not find myself and my social environment but in retrospect this track brought with it amazing people that I met.

HMWL:  What emotions do you aim to convey through your music, and why is it important for listeners to connect with the stories you tell? 

FLEANGER: You can think of my music like a meal at a two Michelin star restaurant, not everyone connects to it but someone who really gets into it really enjoys it. The reactions I get on each of my tracks are emotional and not static and I believe that through each of my tracks they know me much better.

HMWL:  Your musical inspirations range from classical composers like Vivaldi and Mozart to modern bands like Pink Floyd and Depeche Mode. How have these diverse influences shaped your unique sound? 

FLEANGER: I’m almost certain that the artists I grew up with have an influence on my musical works even if it doesn’t sound like them in the final product. I know there are a lot of the same things or techniques I use in melodies or chords that I took inspiration from Mozart

HMWL:  You have several upcoming releases and have worked with various labels. Can you give us a glimpse into what listeners can expect from your new music? 

FLEANGER: The listeners can be sure that the music of the coming year is going to be much more diverse and exciting, whether it’s the techno project I’m working on or whether it’s my compositions that are ready by the end of 2024, so there’s something to look forward to and you can already prepare the car for a long night drive

HMWL:  Finally, what is your ultimate goal as an artist? How do you hope your music will impact your listeners and their lives? 

FLEANGER: My desire as an artist is not to change too much for external people but to stay within the scale I set for myself and continue my path as an artist even if it is long and demands a lot from me. And I wish myself to gain more and more listeners and develop my music.

Thank you, FLEANGER, for sharing your insights and experiences with us. We look forward to hearing more of your authentic and inspiring music in the future.