Behind the Beat: An Interview with Klaudius on His Emotional Connection to Music and Latest Remix Release

Belgian DJ and producer Klaudius is known for his ability to create an emotional connection with his audience through his deep, melodic, organic, and techno-influenced music. He began his music career as the bass player in an instrumental rock band before discovering his passion for electronic music with the purchase of an MC-303 groovebox at age 16. Alongside his brother, he formed the duo Human Electric and played numerous live and DJ sets. Since 2021, Klaudius has focused on his solo project and released music on labels such as DHB Records, Deep In Your Soul, and Atmosphere Records. His remix of DJ Xanto feat. Nes Mburu’s “Nikumbatie,” just dropped on Nite Grooves/KingStreet Sounds on April 28th. In this interview, Klaudius discusses his creative process, influences, and future plans for his music.

HMWL: Can you tell us about your creative process in remixing “Nikumbatie”? How did you approach the original track and what elements did you want to emphasize in your remix? 

Klaudius: DJ Xanto and Nes Mburu’s original track has this awesome vibe, mixing Afro, Tribal, and Tech sounds in a way that really gets your attention. When I worked on the remix, I wanted to keep the spirit of the original, but also add my own flavor to it. I focused on accentuating the organic rhythms and then I added chords to create a different musical ambience for Nes Mburu’s enchanting vocal. This way I tried to offer an alternative perspective on the track while remaining faithful to its essence.

HMWL: You’ve mentioned that you aim to create an emotional connection with your listeners through your music. Tell us more! Your music blends deep, melodic, organic, and techno elements. How do you balance these different styles to create a cohesive sound in your productions? 

For me, it’s all about connecting with the listener through my music. I think the best tunes are the ones that make you feel something and take you on a journey. By blending elements from different genres in my productions I try to create a sound that people can really vibe with. 

I do this by working as fast as possible when starting on a track. This ensures I capture the mood of that specific moment. Working in shorter sessions also means I don’t have time to make things too complex and start losing the initial emotion. I also try not to let too many genre rules get in the way of this process so this means elements from different genres find their way in my tracks.

HMWL: You formed a duo with your brother as Human Electric in your teens. And then moved on to your solo project. How has your experience as part of a duo influenced your solo work? 

Working with my brother in Human Electric taught me a lot about making music and collaborating with others. It’s had a huge influence on my solo stuff, and it showed me the importance of being open to new ideas and influences. In this EP release, it’s fascinating to see how each of us – DJ Xanto, Aytiwan, and myself – brings a unique perspective to the original track, creating a rich and varied listening experience.

HMWL: You’re releasing your remix of “Nikumbatie” on Nite Grooves / King Street label, which has a strong reputation for dancefloor-focused music. How do you think your remix will fit into the label’s overall sound and catalogue? 

I am super excited to be releasing my remix of “Nikumbatie” on a label which such a rich history. By giving the original a deep and progressive  twist, I hope to add something fresh to their collection. The complete EP is actually very diverse. Next to the original it features Aytiwan’s hypnotic reinterpretation that gives the track a darker vibe I really like. I think that each of our versions contributes something unique to the label’s diverse catalogue.

HMWL: What can we expect from your future creations in terms of sound and style? Are there any particular genres or influences that you’re looking to explore in your upcoming productions?

I will continue to explore the fusion of deep, melodic, organic, and techno elements in my work. I am also eager to experiment with other genres and influences to expand my sonic boundaries. Recently I’ve been making some drum and bass and breakbeat tracks. I’ve also been experimenting with using Dutch vocals in my tracks.  In the meantime, I encourage everyone to check out the “Nikumbatie”  EP featuring remixes by Aytiwan and myself, as well as the brilliant original track by DJ Xanto feat. Nes Mburu.