Bambi Rambo transports us to a beach party in Goa on “Chaos Magik”

Bambi Rambo’s latest single, “Chaos Magick”, catapults listeners into a hypnotic journey through the annals of time and space. As the artist explains, it’s a track she would “see in my idealised vision of a rave in a field or at a beach party in Goa. The track seamlessly blends various musical styles, showcasing Rambo’s unmistakable sonic touch. The pulsating house rhythm, propelled by a driving clap, serves as a cosmic time machine, guiding us through a mesmerising expedition. The spoken vocals skillfully interwoven into the mix add an enigmatic layer, creating a dance track that feels like a transcendental experience.

Rambo’s synthesis of synth melodies and euphoric arpeggios invites listeners to immerse themselves in a whimsical and otherworldly soundscape. “Chaos Magick” represents the next step in the artists journey, exploring new horizons and a journey towards further acclaim in 2024 we predict..

Bambi says, “It’s a track I would see in my idealised vision of a rave in a field or at a beach party in Goa. Sonically, it borrows a few elements from the early trance vibe like the pads and arps… This era of rave movement rising around the world has always been in a corner of my mind as a hallmark for freedom and liberation; a carefree light-hearted dance but still with a powerful message of freedom and equality. That’s what this track is looking to convey. It is a light and uplifting dancefloor piece with a more profound message as well.”

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