A Little Fun; Husa & Zeyada’s new music video is now out!

Husa Zeyada, the dynamic Egyptian-Canadian electronic live duo, has just unveiled their latest music video titled “A Little Fun.” This creative piece takes viewers on a thrilling and joyful ride, immersing them in the duo’s fictitious world as they play a live-action video game.

The music video offers an immersive video game experience, guiding us from the “Start Game” moment to player selection and location choices. Viewers are treated to a first-person perspective, witnessing each player’s actions, weapons, and runs up until it’s “Time Out.” 


Filming with a DJI Osmo and a DIY body rig made from PVC pipes, successfully recreates the feel of a joystick, allowing the audience to truly join in on the “little fun.” All the fun directed by Zeyada herself, along with the artistic cinematography by Nouredeen of Nunshi Studios, results in the visually captivating experience. Mohamed El Kammah handled the detailed editing, along with his brother; Ahmed El Kammah, who created 3d rendered graphics to add depth to the video.  The color grading was done by Bigbang Studios, setting the perfect mood for viewers to immerse themselves in the gaming world. The choice of location plays a significant role in the video’s aesthetics and mood. Filmed in the picturesque Mount Abbas in the beautiful Saint Catherine, it adds a touch of natural beauty to the overall portrayal of the gaming experience.

In the realm of electronic music, 2021 witnessed the meteoric rise of “Little Fun – Sasha Carassi Remix.” This track not only dominated the Beatport charts but also carved its name into the annals of indie dance history. The track was also played by Maceo Plex, Tale Of Us, Hernan Cattaneo, and many other that couldn’t resist the infectious beats. And if you thought that was thrilling, brace yourself for the upcoming remix pack of “Long Way Home” featuring Hot Oasis, Kora, Vander, and more, set to be released this October!

Husa Zeyada is a mesmerizing fusion of Husa and Zeyada’s personal journeys, meticulously crafted into a captivating fictional world. Here, they shed their everyday identities to embrace their alter-egos, captivating their audiences through various artistic mediums.

But wait, there’s more! This marks just the beginning of an extraordinary 5-part music video series unveiling the Audio-Visual of Husa Zeyada’s universe; “Long Way Home.” We eagerly await the next artistic masterpiece from this enchanting duo, ready to take a deeper dive into their creative minds.