Township Rebellion – Baud (Remastered) [Melodic House / Stil Vor Talent]

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About a year on since their last incursion on the label, acclaimed German duo Township Rebellion resurface on Stil vor Talent with a fresh new three-tracker, right on cue for the busy festival season ahead. Titled “Doppler” after the EP’s eponymous lead-track, this new effort also comprises two previously released cuts remastered to further compelling effect, bound to make quite the impact on the dance floor with their all new, fully revitalized sound design. Music to sync your brainwaves and jack your body to, unremittingly.

As per each occurrence, Township Rebellion show themselves eager to take over the clubs’ sound systems with optimum style and firepower, and “Doppler” sure attests to their inimitably floor-efficient approach. The lead single “Doppler” is no stranger to Township Rebellion’s signature blends, flush with tribal-infused motifs, peak time cliff-hangers and thunderous outbursts all set against a progressive epic of soaring synths and skull-crushing kick drums. Dwelling the interzone between pure big-room banger territories and unpredictable drifts into wider, open-ended electronic realms, their music eschews classification, forever that nomad sound roaming the confines of DJ functionality and frame-breaking otherworldliness.

Both presented in sharper-than-ever remastered versions, “Baud” and “About A Tribe” makes for perfect contrapuntal companions to the electrifying, broad scale epic that is “Doppler”. An ominous call rallying all souls eager to sail off onto higher raving spheres, “Baud” leaves no stone unturned in its machiavellian plan to merge all dancers in one throbbing mass of energy. Meanwhile, “About A Tribe” showcases the pair’s intuitive attraction towards mystique-imbued folk music and polyphonic rhythms, infusing that soulful melodic search into a blazing maelstrom of hi-tech electronic engineering, piano-house addiction and wistful, post-trancey hypnosis that will have you climbing the stairs of euphoria on your hands thru and thru.

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