Think City & Alex Twin feat. Aladji Toure – Kabsol [Organic House 2022 / Afro House 2022 / HMWL]

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Artist(s): Various Artists
Title: Organic House Vol. 2
Record Label: House Music With Love
Cat.Number: HMWL039
Release Date: 3rd June 2022

1) Think City & Alex Twin Feat. Aladji Toure – Kabsol
2) Marco Tegui – Maymantataq Kanki (NoraMirma Remix)
3) Arina Mur – Mamasei
4) Urmet K – Dunes of Nida (Anatolian Sessions Remix)
5) Marco Tegui feat. Soleil Camara – Maymantataq Kanki (DIBIDABO Remix)
6) NoraMirma – Exaltation (Lama’s Dream Remix)
7) Umannto – Kuyewanna
8) Regndans – SEMBA (Jerry Spoon Remix)
9) Amir Telem – Giridhari
10) DiSALAZAR – Multiverse Of Dare
11) Mars Monero – Temples Of Sammohan

HMWL’s Orgánica Volume One album made over 4 million Spotify streams and spent a total of 16 weeks in Beatport Organic house charts.

House Music With Love are back with another bumper collection of cutting edge organic house sounds. The second volume of their Organic House compilation comes with six new tracks as well as five remixes of the originals from Organica Vol 1. The VA aristit roaster is an impressive one with Arina Mur, Anatolian Sessions, Think City & Alex Twin, Urmet K, Lama’s Dream, Jerry Spoon and more.

Think City & Alex Twin Feat. Aladji Toure kick off with Kabsol, a deep rolling percussive number that locks you into a sublime groove. Maymantataq Kanki (NoraMirma Remix) is an exotic cut with enchanting string sounds and worldly percussive grooves. Arina Mur offers the shuffling and cuddly vocal house of Mamasei, Urmet K shows off his melodic mastery with some lush chord sequences and Maymantataq Kanki (DIBIDABO Remix) is an organic groove with tropical instrumentation and rolling house rhythms.

Exaltation (Lama’s Dream Remix) is a deep cut with a borderless feel that submerges you way into the warm drums, then followed by Umannto – Kuyewana, a lovely mystic organic afro house cut by Stuttgart based producer Umannto”. Elsewhere there is an afro feel to the drum patter of SEMBA (Jerry Spoon Remix) with its spiritual synths and Amir Telem’s Giridhari will send shivers down the spine with his majestic astral house sounds. Multiverse Of Dare is a rich tapestry of percussion, melody and drum work and Temples Of Sammohan closes with a leggy and airy house groove perfect for early evening dances.

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