Scottish duo Macka & Lowree on their debut album and the buzz of a Pete Tong spin – interview

Following their 2021 Mood 4 Love EP on Fresh Take Records, Glasgow house duo Macka & Lowree are back with their highly anticipated debut album Without The Music (I Don’t Know Where I’d Be Dancin’).

Gaining support from the likes of Denis Sulta, Big Miz and Liam Doc, Macka & Lowree two made a name for themselves by capturing a distinctly old school vibe in their productions, pushing their signatures of intricate sampling and euphoric themes.

Without The Music (I Don’t Know Where I’d Be Dancin’) is a glorious ode to the classic house and disco that inspires the duo. Created with love and a painstaking attention to detail, it is a richly rewarding and inspiring collection.

Ahead of its release, we caught up with them for a chat…

How did you guys meet and first get into the music scene?

Macka & Lowree: So we’ve been best friends for years now. We had met through music, partly during High School when we were both in bands at the same time. As we got older we partied and went to clubs together and when we were both DJing separately around the start of 2017 we eventually played together for the first time at an after party and from that night decided to start something together. That something ended up becoming a party called Hometown that we done in Edinburgh and we went onto doing a residency for Hector’s House at Cabaret Voltaire and having a monthly night in Sneaky Pete’s both whilst we were living in Glasgow and beginning to make music with each other more regularly.

You hail from Glasgow, somewhere that’s well known for its vibrant scene. How did the club culture of the city influence your own music?

Macka & Lowree: So we are currently based in Glasgow but we were both brought up in Scotland’s Capital, Edinburgh. We both moved to Glasgow for the exact same reason, the music scene here. We can 100% say It is honestly the best decision we have both made aha. From the friends and people we have met, too the spiritual experiences in institutions such as La Cheetah, Sub Club and The Berkley Suite. The influence from this city and its music that even the rest world looks too has fully-shaped who we are and further enhanced what we love.

We had a chance to listen to your new album. It seems to combine a lot of different genres and vibes – was that something you set out to achieve, or did it happen naturally?

Macka & Lowree: We initially wanted to create a vibe for the summer parties we knew would be happening this year. The output of the album has different tailored vibes for lots of different atmospheres and we couldn’t be happier with that.

Congrats on your recent Pete Tong spin! That must have been a buzz…

Macka & Lowree: We are kinda speechless and so thankful on this one, what a buzz it is to see the king playing your track for the first time ever on the radio. We’ve dabbled in bits of radio play before but this just topped it all.

You’ve been releasing on Fresh Take for a while, how did you first hook up with those guys?

Macka & Lowree: It first started when Macka had been in touch with them for a little while and during the first lockdown. We have these 3 tracks that we had all fully finished during the lockdown period and so we sent them to Fresh Take and its been a blessing for us both ever since.

Creating an album can be an intense and personal experience… now it’s nearly out there, how do you feel?

Macka & Lowree: It is honestly such an incredible feeling. Making a full-length album had been something on both of our agenda’s since we started making music together and to see this project finally be out feels extremely gratifying. We had many late nights in both our studio and our flats where we just kept coming up with some tracks but there was never a point during the process that felt un-natural to us.

Finally, what for you is the greatest house record ever made?

Macka: Has to be ‘The System – You’re In My System (Kerri Chandler Remix)’ Just INSANE!

Lowree: Other than Marshall Jefferson’s Original House Music Anthem “Move Your Body” – for me one of the greatest House record’s ever made is ‘Chez Damier – I Never Knew Love (Made In Detroit Mix)’.

Without The Music (I Don’t Know Where I’d Be Dancin’) is out 24 June on Fresh Take Records