Savu – Ojo [Chill house / Downtempo / KataHaifisch 2021]

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Hippos are definitely extraordinary animals. They live in perfect symbiosis with the other inhabitants of their biocoenosis and contribute significantly to the stability of the whole ecosystem. Hippos move both on land and on water. During the day, the colossi enjoy the African sun inside a river. At night they go to graze a pasture land. Normally hippos live together in smaller groups. There are also some loners of their species, which are usually bind territorially. The attentive reader may have determined some similarities to the average raver, could that still be coincidence? This release is the first official EP from Savu. It contains two fancy and highly creative tracks, which are both danceable and useful for relaxing too. Depending on the situation, these piece of music can be enjoyed with a cocktail by pool or slightly sweaty in a club surrounded by your own Hippo crew. Thank you.

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