Savage & She – Nazar (Original Mix) [Organic House / Circle Of Life)

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Bodaishin’s Circle of Life label is to release a beautifully organic and escapist mix of melodic house sounds on a various artists collection due on July 1st. It showcases the many artistic talents in the labels’ orbit, and makes for a soul soothing listen from start to finish.

The first track by Thales Senses (AR) comes in two versions – the ambient and club friendly original mix. Both are lush and melodic affairs that take you deep. The second track by Ale Russo (AR) is the most mysterious song of the collection with wispy leads that entrance and entice. Savage & She from Canada then step up with super rhythmic and tribal groove, original vocals and oriental melodies that make you feel part of a ritual dance at sun down. Label head Bodaishin (AR) step up with super ethereal sounds on Laranshkasha which is a world created by creatures of the night.

Hole Box from Mexico takes care of track five and it is a tune that brings happiness, joy and hope with plenty of powerful positive vibes. Peruvian Vandelor keeps the spirits high with Ubuntu and a new Early Morning Version. It is beautiful and has sweet vocals that are harmony for the soul. Then come Arteforma and Marian (AR) with Flowers On Monday on remix, who have their own majestic and dreamy house sounds and plenty of rich melodies.

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