Satori – Mori Shej ft. Peia (Original Mix) [Organic Melodic House / DGTL 2021]

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Following a widely acclaimed first release with DGTL Records, Satori returns to the Amsterdam-based label with brand new music. No stranger to the festival, the Nijmegen based producer also known as Djordje Petrovic has delivered his mindaltering sets to DGTL’s global editions since 2015. As the perfect follow-up to his 2018 EP ‘Yam’, his latest release consists of two melodic and spiritually infused tracks ‘Mori Shej’ and ‘African Bang’.

The EP is set to release on February 26th 2021. With an ear for incorporating global influences to his music, what sets Satori apart in the electronic music world is his effortless ability to merge seductive trance with transcendent dance and rhythm: creating melodies from the piano, kalimba, kora and guitar (to name a few). This unique manner of merging organic influences with dance and club music is something that is ever-present in his music, and even more so on his latest release.

The first track on the EP, ‘Mori Shej’ is a clear amalgamation of folk influences interwoven with electronic landscapes. It is inspired by Satori’s favourite Hungarian Roma song, having listened to it since the age of 15.

The track came about through a detailed search on different versions of the song, where he stumbled upon one version from song collector and artist ‘Peia’. The impact of this particular version was so powerful, that Satori contacted Peia for a collaboration.

The result of which quickly found its way into his live-set and the track was born. Profound inspiration is something that is frequent in Satori’s productions, with his second track on the EP ‘African Bang’ following suit.

The track is grounded in an energetic yet earthy interpretation of African soundscapes – with strong nuances of dance and movement. It was brought to life when Satori came across some rare African vocals while visiting record shops in London. They made such an impression, that he recorded them as samples. After some experimentation in the studio, he added a groove that came to serve as the pulse of the track. In Satori’s words ‘I feel this is a never-ending groove, and absolutely love it’.

The artwork for this release is a special one-off collaboration with Dutch photographer Bastiaan Woudt. Woudt and Satori have a long-lasting friendship formed over the love for each other’s work. The friendship is a big source of inspiration for both and their paths have crossed frequently over the years, making this collaboration a perfectly fitting one.

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