VA feat. Nikola Melnikov & Max Sorokin, AZAMAT + More – Summer Compilation (Organic House 2022) [RADI MIRA I LUBVI]

The compilation features music by Valer den Bit, AZAMAT, Betelgeize, Samir Kuliev, Nikola Melnikov & Max Sorokin

Despite its generic title of ‘Vol. 2 Compilation’, the new release on the RADI MIRA I LUBVI record label is something rather special.

It’s a ten-track mixed artist LP that features some very impressive individual tracks while also playing seamlessly as a playlist of music. Toying with emotions and switching between different tempos, it is an expertly crafted organic house release.

The label is relatively new to our radar, but going off the standard of this compilation we would certainly like to hear more, as it seems they have an knack for discovering fresh talent.

Some of the artists that feature such as Nikola Melnikov and Max Sorokin have also worked with the likes of Anjunadeep, and others such as Deek That have contributed to Bar 25. Although, it seems the majority are emerging talent that are still working their way through the ranks.

One of the stand out tracks is “You” by Valer den Bit, as its powerful vocals and heartfelt pads are reminiscent of others such as Ben Böhmer.

Arsankhan’s “Nameless” also stood out with operatic vocals and a modulating arpeggio synth that nestles amongst flowing percussion and spine-tingling textures.

Each individual will no doubt find their own favourites as it’s a really intricate package that has some magical pieces of music and it’s certainly worthy of buying the whole compilation, as each individual cut has its own time and place on the dance floor.

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