Prismatica – ‘Clariaudience’ (Downtempo 2022/Organic House 2022) [Baikal Nomads]

Based in Mexico, Prismatica is an exciting talent who returns to the Baikal Nomads record label, which is the imprint that signed his first release under this alias.

It’s a downtempo release with a murky atmosphere full of ominous tension that’s underlined by flowing percussion sculpted from organic sounds.

The stripped-back and techy vibe gives it some crossover with other genres such as minimal and its haunting atmosphere gives it an understated intensity that stands out against what most expect from the organic house genre.

Baikal Nomads signed Prismatica for one of their early releases in 2019 and as the imprint has grown into a driving force, they have welcomed him back for this rather spectacular follow-up.

Interval” is the EP’s opening cut and it sets the scene with its moody atmosphere and spacy vocals that fill the track with suspense. “Instinct” is on a similar vibe but with twinkling lead synths and a choppy bassline that is overlayered by ethereal vocal textures. “Iridiscent” is the last of the three tracks, and it’s the most uplifting of them, but it still has dark undertones.

There is definitely some crossover with deep tech, but overall, it’s a very well-produced release, which really shows off the talent of Prismatica.

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