Omar Dahl – If If If [Organic House 2022 / Downtempo 2022 / Underyourskin Records]

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Omar Dahl If If If is one of our favourite tracks from the group’s debut EP Where We Left on Underyourskin Records label.

The text can be interpreted as a kind of advice to a fictional character, which is encouraged to question the status quo.

Whether love will save you
Or the truth’s gonna break you
Doesn’t matter man, ‘cause you don’t wanna stay behind
If oh if these things don’t fall in place
You better find the answer for the way you try to live

If oh if you’re caught up in this race
You better find the answer for the way you try to live.

Omar Dahl brings a live set of electronic music. Synths and drones support the groovy beats that get you in the mood for dancing. Brass and strings top this all off with catchy melodies, inspired by Arabic and Balkan music.

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