ITAI feat. Just Emma, Zuma Dionys & More – A Trip To Idyllwild Remixes (Organic House 2022 / Downtempo 2022) [Camel Riders]

Released in 2021 was downtempo/organic house album from ITAI whose an American artist with roots in Israel.

‘A Trip To Idyllwild’ is an impressive eight-track release that blends jazz influence with earthy percussion and captivating grooves that work for home listening and also the dance floor.

The album has now received a part two version with new remixes from an impressive selection of electronic music artists. Some of the reworks are from established names like Just Emma and Zuma Dionys while others are from up-and-coming talent such as Catori.

Some of the remixes are collaborations like the one between regular studio partners Matija & Richard Elcox who are well-known for their works on Cafe De Anatolia and Bunte Kuh.

Zuma Dionys has close ties to labels like Sol Selectas and Just Emma is label owner of the well-established Underyourskin Records. Just Emma’s remix is a collaboration with Urem.

Although the originals are all quite slow in tempo, some of the remixes such as the one by Alvaro Suarez raise the tempo, as his remix of ‘Wancy’ is lifted from 108 BPM to 120 BPM.

Still focused on organic house, the reworked release is an epic selection of remixes that really switch up the mood and energy of some tracks while providing more refined versions of others.

Some of the others also providing reworks include PheuZen, Max Tenrom, Dandara and Noraj Cue.

PheuZen might not be a name that’s instantly recognisable to some, but it’s an alias for one of the artists from the highly influential Desert Dwellers duo.

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