Interview: Thomas Beyer chatting about his debut album on Deep Woods

Recognized Thomas Beyer is a DJ and powerful brand to reckon with when it comes to music and entertainment. He spins different genre of music from Melodic Techno to Techno. His ability to trill and entertain different types of audience, as well as continuously reinventing himself, is the recipe to his success. He started his career as a professional DJ in 2008 and has been spinning his tracks at some famous german festivals.

His first single “People are People” was released in 2016 by FWRD Music, followed by more tracks by Bunny Tiger, Ton liebt Klang and 040 Recordings. A special highlight in 2019 was the release of “Streets” by Moonbootique Records, which was created in cooperation with his DJ mate Marc Werner. Now he drops his first album “Captivated” on Deep Woods – imprint by tomorrowland mainstage artist Pretty Pink.

Hi Thomas, it’s great to have you with us today. Where are you speaking to us from right now and what have you been up to so far today?

Thanks for having me! I started pretty early today, because my son doesn’t want me to have a good night’s sleep *laughing* After playing a game of soccer with him I’m sitting in my studio, working on my new EP “Third Horizon”.

Can you tell us a bit about your beginnings in the music scene there and how things developed for you?

I am an 80s kid, never had any musical education, but the 90s were full on techno, rave & dance sound.

This inspired me and ignited a passion for electronic music in me. Since 2016 I am a DJ behind decks under my civil name “Thomas Beyer”.

In addition to my residency at Elsterartig Leipzig, I am always happy about bookings outside my region. Besides Hamburg and Munich, also I had my first international gigs in Austria! Since then I wanted to focus on my own sound and produce it.

We’re pleased to be chatting with you following the release of your Captivated single and album on Deep Woods. Congrats on a brilliant release here, how would you describe the album in your own words and what was the inspiration behind it?

The album is a tribute to my emotional chaos a few years ago. It’s a story about my journey, from the farewell of a past relationship to the happiness of my new and current relationship.

Besides some melancholic sounds, which you can hear in “No Home” and “Captivated”, comes a mental change. For example, I started the song “Million Miles” on the flight to Mallorca and finished producing it on the island. With the song “Farewell” not only my album comes to an end, but also my personal chapter.

How did the Captivated longplayer come to find its home on the imprint run by Pretty Pink?

I knew Pretty Pink before, because she’s from Leipzig as well! When I won a music production contest from FAZE Magazine at the end of 2019, which Pretty Pink curated, we got together pretty quickly. A few months later in 2020 I released my first EP “Jonah Matheo” on Deep Woods Music.

After being invited to other label events like open air’s and radio shows by Deep Woods, I knew that wanted to release my album there as well. Everything was perfect!

Who have been your biggest musical influences throughout your life and career?

I am a big fan of Colyn, Hidden Empire, Moonwalk and Innellea. Their sounds inspired me and shaped my sound – driving, melodic and a bit psychedelic.

What inspires you the most whilst at work in the studio and how have you kept this inspiration flowing over the years?

I am always learning – I like to experiment, exchange ideas with other artists and regularly watch masterclasses of seasoned producers. This inspires my workflow, sound design and constantly increases my know-how. Presenting my created music to the audience in an early stage and feeling it in the club finalizes every single song.

How has the year been for you from your point of view and is there anything else we can expect from you in the near future?

It’s been a great year for my music. After this everlasting pandemic it was a relieve to finally play in front of a real audience again and feel the energy of the people. With my EP “Liquid Symphony” in the summer and now the album “Captivated” I am looking back at a very successful time. Early next year my single “Arpaholic” will be released and as mentioned in the beginning I’m working on a new EP right now. So the best is yet to come! For now I’m excited to go clubbing again!

Thank you for chatting today Thomas!

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