In conversation with Dumming Dum from Italy

Hailing from Italy, Dumming Dum has recently released his masterpiece “Under Your Skin” on Monaberry with impressive remixes by Sobek and Viktor Talking Machine. It’s long past time for a behind-the-scenes look and a chat with Dumming Dum while sipping a strong espresso with this outstanding artist.

Take us back to the beginning; What was it like the first time you first fell in love with electronic music?

Mmmmmm, in 2009, I was going through a very dark period of my life, I felt confused, weak, sad, without input.
By chance on youtube, I happened to listen to an amazing song “Melodica” from “Stimming”, immediately felt a strange sensation, the depth of the sound touched my inner strings which gave me physical and mental well being, so much so that I immediately felt stronger.

Later, I began to listen to other tracks always on the same genre, from then, the step was short, and I too decided to start producing electronic music.

Electronic music, therefore, was a therapy. Today this passion is giving me more and more joys and it’s giving me the opportunity to meet many people all over the world. It’s a great feeling!

And what influence does the local scene of the town you are living have on you?

I live in the province of Lecce, in southern Italy, it’s a place where there has always been culture music in general and electronic music in particular. It’s mainly a place with a tourist vocation and in the summer many events are organized with artists from the international techno scene. It was a great privilege to have the chance to participate live in these events, that has provided me with many input and ideas that have then inevitably influenced my musical productions.

What are the ideas behind the current release Under Your Skin on Monaberry?

Under Your Skin was born during the pandemic, so in a very special time. I tried to give a sensual sound, but also with a very simple beat combined with never banal sounds. I built an ep that could thrill on the track, but also simply listening it, from your own air pods, always relying on the cardinal principle of “less is more”. In addition, I also tried to involve Altea, a young singer, with an amazing voice, which will most likely, have her say in the future.

What tools did you use mainly for the production?
In my productions I can’t help but use the op1 and the Mini V3, otherwise I would not know what to replace them with. ESSENTIALS!

How important is good mastering today and what do you value?
Track mastering plays a huge role today to give the right value to a track. It is important to have a perfect mastering, even if then the track will be played on the floor, the current audio systems will bring out all the criticalities of an approximate mastering.

The dynamism that an excellent mastering characterizes the track is essential to make it appreciated by the most critics.

What are you cooking up for the next few weeks?
OOOOOO! For the future I have another release on the amazing “Monaberry” of the great Super Flu, and another Ep by the Berlin’s label “Dessert”.

Finally, for you, what’s the greatest house track ever made and why?
AAAAAAAAAA…. I think the best track is Stimming’s “Melodica” because it brought me closer to this world and at the same time stimulated me to produce Electronic music. See you next time and thanks!

Dumming Dum – Under Your Skin (Monaberry) on BEATPORT