Heard Right Unveils Full-Length Studio Album ‘Dreams’

Following the release of his singles Pulling Me Under, New Life and Deepen, Belarusian producer Heard Right returns to Purified Records to unveil his first full-length studio album – Dreams.

Providing an in-depth insight into Heard Right’s melodic musings, Dreams is a 12-track exploration throughout restorative and intricate sounds. Opening with an instrumental piece titled Timeless, Heard Right demonstrates his innate ability to evoke emotion with a luscious combination of instrumentation, which is reinforced across the album in his solo tracks Savior, Diversion, Roots and Lucid.

Collaborating with an impressive list of vocalists from around the globe, the album’s first single Pulling Me Under features Phoebe Tsen’s silky vocals. Collaborating with Phonic Youth for Home, Biishop for All For You, Gavin Beach for Eventually, Run Rivers for New Life, Tailor for Deepenand Leo Islo for Stay (You’re In Everything), the album floats across soothing and poignant creations that will touch listeners deeply while proving his musical maturity in every track.

Writing an album was quite spontaneous and at the same time one of the best decisions of my life. This incredible experience and emotions mean a lot to me. Throughout the creative process, I met some incredible people and musicians all over the world and I am very grateful to them for being part of my most important release to-date. Sometimes it’s funny to see how music unites completely different people who live different lives far away from each other. I am very grateful to everyone who is involved in this project and I wish everyone to realize their own Dreams!”

Gracing the airwaves with his serene soundscapes, Heard Right’s originals and remixes have been released on a variety of revered imprints, including Purified, Rose Avenue and Colorize to name a few. Combining melodic and floating sounds with progressive house sensibilities, his previous releases on Purified Records include collaborations with Furcloud (Rise EP), OAI (On The Edge EP, Time Of Knowledge EP and Hope), Anriu (Be Myself EP) and Fløa (Insight EP). With Dreams, Heard Right marks a monumental milestone in his career, and leaves listeners excited for what is yet to come from the promising producer.