Girls Of The Internet release new EP “In Love Again / Baby”

Girls Of The Internet have swiftly risen up the electronic music ranks since their debut release When U Go on Luke Solomon’s Classic Music Company in 2017. With support from DJ’s like Pete Tong, Nemone, The Blessed Madonna, Jamie xx and Axel Boman, and accolades such as a BBC 6 Music ‘Album Of The Year’ and a mix for Apple Music’s Beats One Radio ‘One Mix’ series. Drawing inspiration from the past fifty years of dance music, Girls’ music joins the dots between house, garage, disco, techno and dub – creating something that glances back into dance music’s history, whilst keeping its eyes firmly on the future. Since the release of their breakout album Girls FM in 2020, the group have played their first live show, selling out London’s Night Tales in a matter of days, collaborated with James Lavelle with his UNKLE project, remixes for labels like Defected, Classic & Heist, and shows in legendary London venues like The Troxy, and Village Underground under their belts. With their last independent single for a while, In Love Again / Baby, big label deals looming, and their calendar getting quickly booked up for the summer with festival dates, 2022 is set to be their busiest year yet.

 Baby is a bit of playful lampooning of Daft Punk, and a million other people who have used the talk box. There seems to be a running thread of lyrics and subject matter in tracks with the talk box; they are all sentimental love songs with obvious rhyme schemes. I don’t know if that was pre-agreed with the inventor or the talk box, but I just wanted to gently mock it.” TK (Girls Of The Internet)



Hey, Girls of the Internet, who are we speaking to today and where are you currently?

In the studio, working on our sound system set for some upcoming shows and doing some writing.

Where does the name “Girls Of The Internet” come from?

We’re named after the Roy Ayers-produced band Eighties Ladies, and their album Ladies of the 80’s.

How did you all come together to form Girls Of The Internet and how do you all know each other?

Vania and I have known each other for many years – she used to come to my bar. Sophie I heard singing on somebody else’s record. Tilly randomly I met online. George is Tilly’s friend so he was brought into the fold through her.

Who does your amazing artwork and what is the story behind the collaboration?

They are all my paintings! I have not painted anything since I was at school. We needed something for our artwork, and I wanted to come up with something a bit different to everybody else. Everything has been done to death, so the only real way I could really do that was to make something myself.

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard it?

Patrick Adams meets Basic Channel. Talking Heads meet Fingers Inc. I always say the jumping off point for Girls of the Internet is 90’s house – Homework-era Daft Punk, Cajual, etc. I also love a lot of music from the 70’s, the songs, the arrangements – where those two things meet is where we want to exist. I feel like so much dance music has not really progressed anywhere since the 90’s – I like to think we’re doing something a little different.

What or who are the biggest inspirations behind your music?

I’m not really influenced by the current scene – there are lots of producers I love, and I play, but it’s not inspiring me with regard to making music. I seem to be more regularly struck by inspiration when consuming work by artists in other fields; visual artists, performance artists, or even film and TV. I’ve had loads of musical ideas watching Star Trek Discovery recently, weirdly. I think in order to move forward, we need to open our minds to all kinds of influences. We’re also so inspired by our fans – we have had a few sold out shows now, and it’s endlessly inspiring seeing so many people being moved by what we’re doing.

Do you have any fun/interesting stories from the studio sessions – that you can share?

We’re not really using studios much after lockdown – since then, everything is done remotely. However, we have just signed to Classic, so we’ll be doing some sessions in the lovely new studio in Defected’s basement in the not so distant future.

What can we expect from you in the coming months?

More music and more shows. Also look out for our new single ‘Sound Asleep’ on Classic, coming very soon.

Thanks for talking with me today, is there anything you want to add before we finish?

Come see us live, stream our music, give us a like!

Girls Of The Internet – In Love Again / Baby. Released 1st April on Drab Queen: