German Brigante – ‘Dharma’ (Downtempo 2022/Organic House 2022) [Sol Selectas]

Sabo’s Sol Selectas brought 2022 to a close with an EP by German Brigante who is a Spanish artist that in recent times, has become a leading organic house producer.

Traditionally, German Brigante was known as an eclectic artist who makes music ranging from tech house to melodic house and techno, but organic house is the style he has started to orientate around.

This is his fourth time working with Sol Selectas and along with his four original productions, there are also remixes by Namito and Rodrigo Gallardo.

Namito has Iranian heritage and his track “Stone Flower” is a Sol Selectas classic that blended a song from Iranian folk law with electronic music and since then, he has been a firm favourite with Sol Selectas fans.

Rodrigo Gallardo is a Chilean artist that is starting to become a regular feature of Sol Selectas and his remix further cements him as a core part of the label’s roster.

Mahesha” opens the release with a pulsating bassline and middle eastern sitar that’s fused with ceremonial vocals and a lot of flowing percussion. “Khooli Rah” has sweeping pads and middle eastern melodies sequenced into an uplifting groove. “Parvati Maa” is a sensual track with soothing vocals and spine-tingling melodies mixed with a deep bassline. Namito’s techy remix of Parvati Maa lifts the tempo and uses chopped up snippets of the original’s vocal to create tension. “Rabba” is the last of the originals and it’s got a downtempo groove with powerful vocals. Rodrigo Gallardo’s remix of Rabba is a percussive rework that pushes back the vocal and adds some plucked strings.

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