Extrawelt remix Karmacoda’s new single ‘Feels’ and Interiew

Well-known electronic duo Extawelt have remixed Electronic trio KARMACODA’s single, ‘Feels’, to be released on the 21st of January. The double remix will be available as an instrumental version as well as one with vocals and will be included on KARMACODA’s upcoming Remixes EP which will be released on the 11th of February via Sola Musa Music. The EP will also feature an ambient house remix from Japanese producer Lycoriscoris and a remix from renowned multi-instrumentalist Sailor & I.

Extrawelt caught the world’s attention from the start, with their first single under the moniker released via James Holden’s revered Border Community label. In the following years, the German duo collected over 53 million plays across platforms and earned support from Mixmag, Resident Advisor, DJ Mag, Clash Magazine, Magnetic Magazine, LA Times, The Fader, Deep House Amsterdam, Groove Magazine, Faze Magazine and Boiler Room.

We caught up with Extrawelt and asked them some questions about the remix and what they are up to.

HMWL: How did you come about remixing Karmacoda’s track?
We were approached by the label and agreed to do remix the song as it is nice to remix music that is from another genre.

HMWL: Can you tell us a little about what your live set-up involves?
Sure! We’ve got samplers, synths and drum machines hooked to an analog desk where we can do the arrangement. We just got four hands so some parts are from digital tape however, less computer means more fun which might translate to better music. We try to use the computer as sparsely as possible. Same in the studio.

HMWL: How was 2021 for you guys, music-wise?
Unfortunately, the pandemic kept us away from music way too often. Touring was difficult or simply impossible. As we both got some little eating machines at home studio time is limited anyway, even more so when school or daycare isn’t working. But whenever we could we spent time in the studio, studying new tricks and whatnot. We also did quite a lot of remixes which was fun. We used to remix in our early career but decided to stop for a couple of years. So it was refreshing to do something a little different.

HMWL: How do you think your style of performing live translates into the music you release?
Haha, probably not as much as it should! Seriously, it’s more often the other way around as the studio work is the foundation. Without the hours put into the creation of tracks there wouldn’t be any Extrawelt live shows. On stage we are restricted in terms of what we can do. Limited physical space and small budgets forces electronic musicians to come up with solutions to present their work live wich can be quite challenging at times. But if it works and we feel the audience actually enjoy the music it’s a nice experience and an inspiration. It is that feeling that we try to take to the studio and put into new tracks.

HMWL: Outside electronic music, what do you guys listen to at the moment?
Pretty much anything. From piano concerts to Russian rock. There is no such thing as good or bad genres. I.e. Wayan is digging some country songs lately, new and old. We both like Nick Cave and it is really interesting to go back and listen to what might have been his source of inspiration. “Studying the great” isn’t just inspirational, it’s tons of fun as well. We’re both excited like little boys when we find a record that gives us goosebumps.

HMWL: What are you doing at the moment? What are the next projects & music plans?
Let’s say it’s too early to say but we are pretty busy. Until then there’s a couple of remixes coming up during spring.

HMWL: How did you two meet?
In the early 90′ we happened to be the kiddy DJ’s in our local Hamburg scene which was quite small. Inevitably we met at parties and again in the record shops where we tried to get our hands on the rare vinyls before the other does.

HMWL: Do you have roles in the studio?
Not really. Wayan might be a bit more technical while Arne is probably the better critical listener. In the end, we both do everything.

HMWL: Who are some artists to look out for in 2022?
Those who can’t be found on social media.

HMWL: What is it about Hamburg that is appealing to you and why you stay there?
Hamburg is ok, understatement is a virtue around here. We like that! Arne moved to Zürich a couple of years ago for family reasons. Zürich is nice, too.

HMWL: What’s coming up next in your schedule?
Homework with the little ones. Later we’ll start preparing some tracks for a show in Budapest on January 29.