Exclusive Interview with Fejká Following the Release of his New Single with Christian Löffler “Fjäll”

Fjäll is the Old Norse word for a fell, a high and barren landscape feature found in Northern Europe and like the landscape itself, the new track by Christian Löffler and Fejká evokes openness and spaciousness with atmospheric field recordings and beats that roll out endlessly. Synth washes and soft vocals brush softly as the wind blows on grass, and listeners are immediately taken to a place of comfortable solitude. Christian Löffler and Fejká’s synergy on Fjäll is such that it’s impossible to distinguish where one’s contribution ends and the other begins, creating a wholly organic, and highly emotive journey.



HMWL: Hi Fejká, thank you for taking the time to speak to us today. Where are you speaking to us from at the moment?
Hey there! Thanks for the invite! I’m currently on my way to Valladolid in Spain where I will play my first show in Spain!

HMWL: We are happy to see you are using a Swedish word for your song! What is the inspiration behind Fjäll and how did you decide on this name?
Christian Löffler chose the name, he often spends holidays in Sweden and goes hiking there. For me it’s the same thing – the energy and inspiration I get while hiking feels somehow represented in the track.

HMWL: How did this collaboration come about?
We often share demos as friends and give us feedback. For this specific song, I had an idea of how to finish it. Christian send me his sketch of the song, I finished it and the song was born.

HMWL: Did you manage to work on this track together in person?
We had some studio sessions before but it’s not always easy (especially with our touring schedule and travel distance), so we did the last bits by working remotely.

HMWL:  What differentiates this track from a purely Christian Löffler track or a purely Fejká track?
It’s really hard to describe our musical style as it has many similarities, but there are indeed some differences. I would say that a typical Christians Track is more organic and smooth, a typical Fejká track has a lot of atmospheres and is slightly more punchy.

HMWL: Can we expect more collaborations between you 2 in the future?
We never plan collaborations, it all happens spontaneously, so let’s see!

HMWL: Thank you for speaking with us today, we look forward to seeing you in Sweden again!
Thank you, can’t wait to be back!