“Do what you love and come what may,” Arina Mur talks to us about life, her music, and her cat.

Our fans at HMWL have been keeping a close eye on Arina Mur’s career ever since her career debut in 2016. The Russian DJ and producer from Ekaterinburg released her single “Mamasei” on HMWL earlier this year – a dreamy fusion of hypnotising Japanese string instruments, a flow of gentle,  angelic vocals, and a deep, melodic bassline – once again veering away from the conventional and repetitive. 

And guess who Arina has named the track after? Nope, not the deep house titans such as Lee Burridge, Nick Warren, Gorje Hewek & Izhevski, Modd, and Roy Rosenfeld, who have featured her work in their playlists. But her eight-year-old cat whom she had adopted from the street. Meow!

“Mamasei is 8 years old, I found him on the street and decided to adopt him. I love the sound of his name and somehow it also fits for this track. It’s also a word game for ‘Mama Say’,” comments Arina.

The Russian artist today celebrates multiple successful releases on labels such as Truesounds Music, Anjunadeep, Akbal Music, Seven Villas, The Purr Music, Manual Music, and of course, HMWL. We’re also honoured to have featured her set on HMWL Radio, which many of our listeners have given great feedback on.

We spoke with Arina about what’s happening in her life right now, her music, and her hopes for the future.


Hi Arina, thank you for wanting to do this interview. What have you been working on recently? Could you tell us a little more? New releases, remixes…

I’m working on a new remix for the amazing track of Edu Schwartz (will be released on Circle of life label). And I’m looking forward to my new EP on Amulanga this summer, and some other new tracks are coming out soon –stay tuned).

Oh yes, how is Mamasei doing? Can you show us a recent picture?

He is doing great, He is not an angel but it’s okay:) For more photos you can follow his Instagram page;)) https://instagram.com/mamasei

Have you thought about including Mamasei’s meows and purrs into your music?

Every time when he sees me with some device he is getting shy and trying to hide. I think cats understand many things.

Which musicians did you listen to when you were growing up? Who influenced you the most?

Not sure I can remember one name. 2000… this has been a really crazy year! There were a bunch of CDs and cassette tapes at home, and I used to listen to everything I liked, from Russian bands popular in the 1990s-2000s, to things on the MTV channel.

My love for music was definitely inherited from my mom and dad. Dad never studied music but he played the piano and the guitar really well and even created his own melodies. I was always surprised by this in my childhood.

Tell us about your first experience dancing on the dance floor. Do you remember who was playing?

Not sure that my first club experiences were that interesting. But i want to mention some parties that left the impression on me in particular

  • Matthew Dekay was playing some years ago at the Moscow Calub – that was a 5-hour set! 
  • 2017, Dan Ghenacia at the R33, Barcelona! Unbelievable all-night-long vinyl set! 
  • Gorje Hewek at Dom Pechati club, Russia, Ekaterinburg! That was my first experience as a promoter. That time I had no idea how to make the events – but everything was perfect! 

Why did you decide to get into electronic music? What struggles / successes did you experience at the beginning of your career?

I don’t know how to explain it right. At some point, I wanted to share music I like with people, so there was no question that I should try to get into the scene. So, it was a pure intention that was not going to disappear the next day. 

What has been the most memorable gig you played? Tell us more.

Well, there were a lot. Let me name the top 2 gigs I played. Every DJ remembers their first small local party. And of course, It was such a great experience to come to Budapest – that was my first foreign gig – imagine how I felt that time – just wow, i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e!

Last year I was in Pakistan. I played at the Harvest Music festival. Still grateful for such kind people living in this beautiful country and the music that leads you to the right path.


Where will you be travelling to and playing next? What can your fans look forward to?

The nearest gig is the Anjunadeep Explorations Festival in Albania. Looking forward to being there!

If you had to use a phrase to sum up your philosophy of life (please, not Live, Laugh, Love), what would it be?

If you have made a choice – do not give up hope. Do what you love and come what may. Those are simple phrases but I believe they can help when you feel like breaking down, upset or nervous. And there is one more message: I also believe complicated things are false things.

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