Crimsen – For Your Love (Original Mix) [Deep House / Gruuv]

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Audiojack and their powerful Gruuv imprint welcome Indian born and Canadian based artist Crimsen to the label, with his sublime ‘Dancefloor Memories’ EP which also comes with a remix from Because of Art.

Having previously released on prestigious labels such as 8Bit, W&O Street Tracks and Smiley Fingers the time has come for Crimsen to release his debut release on Gruuv. He has produced 3 exquisite originals showcasing his talents in the studio which transcend the genre spectrum, with each track lending itself to a slightly different genre whilst all fitting perfectly together as an EP. To start off the release we have ‘Dancefloor Memories’ which is a house track for the purists and those with a discerning ear. With its acid house warehouse bassline taking centre stage, Crimsen adds emotive piano keys and a delicate lead synth sound which when layers over the top of its raw gritty bass line delivers something that’s perfect for ravers young and old.

Next up is ‘We’ll Meet Again’ where Crimsen shows his studio prowess delivering some high grade electronica. Leading with a smooth breakbeat from the off, before adding incredibly elegant melodies, pads and instrumentation, this track flows with so much emotion that goosebumps for the listener are guaranteed. This is a must listen for fans of Franky Wah, Bicep, Seb Wildblood and similar and makes heavenly listening….

The third track on the EP is ‘For Your Love’ which blurs the lines between deep house and electronica. With its house beats, deep organic chords giving it its depth and journey feel, Crimsen deftly adds an electronica lead and pads, blurring the lines between the two different genres and creating a more unique sound, and also a track that sounds incredibly special.

Last but certainly not least we come to the remix of ‘Dancefloor Memories’ for this last track on an undoubtedly beautiful EP. The fast rising London artist, Because of Art, returns to Gruuv having had his second ever release on the imprint back in 2019, a release that ultimately catapulted him forward with him release on the likes of Pets Recordings, Last Night on Earth, and Of Unsound Mind, afterwards. He has given Dancefloor Memories a delectable rework, retaining the integral emotional essence of the original, however giving the bassline his own personal feel and he tweaks the arrangement to great effect, serving up a sublime rework of an already excellent track and finishes this EP off in perfect style.

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