Bonfante – Hidden Ground (Official Music Video) [Melodic House / A Tribe Called Kotori]

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“What happens when you move away from the sound, from the ground? Everything implodes, you start dancing, so immersed in your own movement, till everything fades out! Here is a visual journey on BONFANTE´s „Hidden Ground“ music composition, brought to you by video artists Paola Álvarez and Manuel Eshorihuela”.

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Landing next on A Tribe Called Kotori is Spanish born, Germany based producer Bonfante. Schooled to the warm, suave traditional sounds of her homeland, the Kamai Music co-founder and 3000Grad resident plugs into our catalogue with the balearic-infused Fallen Stars EP – a three-track ode to a slower, kinder, more soulful kind of lifestyle and multi-strain blender of rhythms.

Fusing electro-acoustic oneirism with a debonair polyrhythmic swagger, Fallen Stars swings and whirls like a slo-burning Latin-jazz jam, blended with a stealth bass drive, processed pop tropes and cosmo-folk accents. Hidden Ground shows off a more straightforward club attack without letting go of that syncopated groove signature of hers, dextrously moving the cursor from teeming sub-scapes to blazing bass flights.

Rounding off the package, Shall We Begin is a further intricate paradox of altered machine gargles on a drip-tease flex and brittle, textures-splattered sound design. Continually evolving with every bar, it remains a cohesively riveting tableau, harbouring a noria of micro-realities over the course of seven painstakingly sculpted minutes of ethereal and vibrant, non-formulaic dance music.

Choreographie & dance: Jone San Martín
Make up: Maiara Izabele Del Pino
FX Cube: Harvi Arboleda

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