BDK lands on Fresh Take Records with disco-sampling I Was So Sure – interview

BDK is a DJ and Producer from Belfast with a passion for all things Disco and House. He has been Djing on the Belfast scene for a number of years, warming up for the likes of Prosumer and Marcus Hawkes. He recently launched his own label Say Namm – the first release on which was supported by Sarah Story on Radio 1 – and has previously released on The Disco Express, Y4 Collective and now Fresh Take.

Hey BDK! Thanks for talking to us… where in the world do we find you today? 

Hey guys thanks for having me. I am currently on my break in work finishing some tracks for the next Say Namm release.

You came up DJing on the Belfast scene… what were some of the most memorable experiences you had during that time? 

Firsts one would be warming up for Prosumer at one of the Twitch nights in the old Queens Students Union. They had this smallish space called the Bunatee within the Union which had a very low roof and would get punched through every so often. Having all my friends there slapping that roof for me playing was great then getting to watch Prosumer for two hours was a bonus.

Another would be at an after party threw by the Beat BBQ guys in a virtual golf bar, trying to mix on 1210’s that we had balanced on wobbly bar tables that nearly came up to your chest. It was a Sunday so most people were on day two and not drinking which made the owner pissed and throw us out.

Who are some of the local legends that don’t get too much attention that we should all be checking out? 

Local legends you should be checking out would be Bobby Analog, Jordan Nocturne and Timmy Stewart. Others who aren’t as well-known I would say Chris Frieze and Jamie Nelson.

You recently launched your label Say Namm and got instant support on Radio 1 on the first release – that must have been quite a buzz? 

That was special, I had it down as one of my goals and didn’t expect to hit it so soon. I was working a bar gig and kept switching my headphones between the mixer and my phone to be able to hear it.

What’s been the hardest and most rewarding aspects of running your own label so far?

To be honest I have had a great time of it so far, no major issues or complaints. I would say the most rewarding aspect is seeing the record up on the stores that I have been using for years and doing well in the little charts they have.

What inspires you the most when making music? How do you stay inspired?

I am inspired by just constantly listening to music, I have my earphones in most of the day listening to new music from all genres. I think for me YouTube is the best place for discovering new music, I love finding random channels who upload their entire vinyl collection just to share what they love with the public. I stay inspired by listening to fellow artists and labels who share a similar style in music.

How did you hook up with Fresh Take for the I Was So Sure EP?

Well Fresh Take is just a smashing label, they have such a good output of music, so I just chanced my arm and sent them some music across and thankfully they like what they heard.

The title track works in a vocal from The Boss herself. Is that Motown era a particular source of inspiration to you?

It does indeed, and what a great track it is. Motown and that period of disco/soul/funk is probably one of my favourite eras of music yes but I take inspiration from a lot of places. I am a big fan of the early UK Street Soul scene from artists such as Loose Ends.

Did you catch her Glastonbury performance last month? Any thoughts? 

I seen the clip of her singing “Upside Down” and having all the security guards dancing! Pure dad vibes haha but no she looked great and can still belt it out for being 78.

What else should we be looking out from you this year? 

This year I aim to put out the second Say Namm release which will be 4 new tracks from myself. Then I hope to do a V/A for the third one.

Finally, as we’re in the disco mood, what’s the one disco record you could listen to every day without ever getting sick of?

Ashford & Simpson – It Seems To Hang On. 10/10