Andy’s Echo – live instruments influenced melodic house talent

Many elements in the firmament rise too quickly and turn out to be falling stars. Not so with Andy’s Echo, who is enjoying impressive and steadily growing success. He produces and performs electronic music with live guitar, vocals and synths. The Hamburg-based multi-instrumentalist, singer and live act cultivates a unique sound that combines high energy electronic beats, meshing guitar licks, songwriting, dreamy vocals and trippy sound design.

This amounts to genre-bending and exceptionally danceable music, ranging from technoid to melancholic with a psychedelic feel. Within the first two years of his live activity, Andy’s Echo already played shows at famous clubs and festivals in Germany, Switzerland, in South Africa, and at the Virtual Burning Man. His releases on labels such as 3000º, KATERMUKKE and currently Stil vor Talent show the path of this exciting artist and live act. Shortly before he sets off for his gig at the Fusion Festival, we chatted with him.

Rumour has it you’ve been in the business for a while. How long have you been around in the scene and when did you start as Andy’s Echo?
I started playing guitar, writing songs and playing in bands when I was 15. I started performing as Andy’s Echo in 2019. Before that, I went on stage as a Singer-Songwriter or as guitarist for other bands most of the time. But since my first gigs as electronic live act, I’ve been putting most of my time and energy into Andy’s Echo. I feel like I’ve finally found the right way to express myself in this project.

What do you think has changed in your musical style since the early days?

Comparing to the music I made before I started out as Andy’s Echo, a lot has changed. I mean it is a completely different genre right now. In the past, I made music that – if it connected with the listener – made people sentimental and maybe even cry. Now my music makes people dance. So the whole feeling of playing my music to people is different. And I extremely enjoy how much more room electronic music gives to creating a trippy sound design.

Let’s go back in time – What was the first electronic music record you ever bought?

The first record I ever bought was from Fraktus. They’ve been a huge inspiration to me ever since.

And what’s your current production set-up?
I don’t own a lot of gear, so I’ll have to make most out of what I have. I heavily rely on my Poly D (a Minimoog clone) which is part of almost every production. And I’m in love with my K-2 (a clone of the Korg MS-20) for more aggressive sounds. But I still heavily rely on my guitars. Most of the time I play a Fender Telecaster, but often use my Epiphone Lucille and a cheap Squire short scale Bass. I still heavily rely on stringed instruments.

Congratulations on the EP on Stil vor Talent. How would you describe the feelings of the productions?
Thank you! I’m excited the tracks are finally out there. 
I’d say the tracks are trippy, energetic and somewhat melancholic. ‘Haze’ is a collaboration with my friends Propellar with whom I share a soft spot for an ‘indietronic’ aesthetic and constantly evolving synth modulations.

And See Me Fall was first written on guitar. Afterwards, I put it into a psychedelic, electronic robe and I thought a lot of Tame Impala and Weval when I was producing the song.

Where do you gather inspiration between music sessions?

I don’t have a routine for gathering inspiration. Everything that has a heavy impact on my feelings inspires me. The last time I was extremely inspired was after I came back from my trip to South Africa. I played on a festival which took place in the middle of the Tankwa desert. Back home I wrote ‘See Me Fall’.

And do you have a dream destination you’d like to visit as an Act one day?
I’m fulfilling one of my dreams this summer: I’ll be playing at Fusion Festival. I’m so, so thrilled to be playing at this surreal, extraordinary place. Next year I’ll be playing at AfrikaBurn and I would like to play at Burning Man. I don’t know if I’ll manage Burning Man in 2023, but I’ll try!

What can we expect from Andy’s Echo during the upcoming months?
There’s a lot of festivals scheduled for the rest of the summer and another EP on 3000Grad records which will be out by the end of July. In the fall, I’ll be going to South Africa again for a few weeks. I’ll play some gigs there and explore the Cape area. I’m planning to do a lot of field recording which I want to use in my next productions.

Thank you & speak soon!


Andy’s Echo – Haze EP