ADHM – Walking Moments (Day Mix) [Organic House 2022 / Melodic House 2022 / HMWL]

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Walking moments is Organic House 2022 HMWL debut by Dubai based ADHM, a rapidly emerging artist known for his melodically instrumental sounds that mostly fall on the deeper side. His multicultural background is always portrayed as a mystical journey made by hypnotic grooves, harmonies and beats, his style encompasses the deeper and groovier end of house. From an early age he was heavily influenced by music and how it can take the listener on an ethereal and often melancholic journey.

Early support from Nick Warren, Elif, Fluida, Pandhora, Pambouk, Makossa, Urmet K & Katrinka.

Walking moments was inspired by a turning point in my life. After a long and stable pharmaceutical path, I rerouted my journey following the stressful Covid times. This lead me to leaving Canada altogether and empowered me to explore new parts of the globe that are closer to my roots yet paired with a foreign flare, which then landed me in Dubai. WM was initiated in Toronto and finalized in Dubai. This EP was designed to teleport you to a positive dimension, one that we all really need right now. Says ADHM

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