Acado (A Tribe Called Kotori) Interview

ACADO is an up-and-coming and exciting artist duo from Berlin, whose sound is best captured between organic house and downtempo. Nevertheless, they always break through the boundaries of what is possible and know how to convince with their rare but all the more valuable productions. After we already talked to them in a quiet minute a few years ago, we now have the opportunity to meet Daniel and Felix again for a chat about their latest release on “A Tribe Called Kotori” and theit thrilling streaming project called LifeLive, that has already made waves in the international scene.

Take us back to the beginning; What was it like the first time you first fell in love with downtempo, organic house and this kind of music?
We both come from quite different musical backgrounds. While Daniel started out as a Balkan DJ, Felix was more into building hip-hop beats. But the more you play on bigger sound systems, the more you realise that club music just sounds and works awesome on it. When you end up at a festival with a huge festival sound system for the first time and get a proper shoulder massage from the massive bassline in the sun, you might be confronted with downtempo. There is simply more space and time for the bass to unfold.
And what influence does the city of Berlin and the vibrant local scene have on you?
It sometimes tears us into fun events and on the ways might lure us into a “Sp├Ąti” to confront us with a “Wegbier”. Apart from that there are also tons of nice people living here. Certainly we’re not here for the wether or the sea side.During the pandemic, you launched the project – what is it about?
Before the state suddenly realised that “there is money” and saved lots of clubs – which we are extremely happy about – we were really concerned that all of our most favourite places would close down and Berlin would basically become London.We founded LifeLive as we wanted to do our part in saving the clubs and generate income for them. We had some pretty decent events with artists like Super Flu, Oliver Koletzki, Andhim, Monkey Safari and Pan Pot – with people literally getting drunk and dancing af in front of their laptops.

All the entrance money was payed out to the clubs and artists. It was a pretty awesome experience.

After this proof of concept we will now do a token seed sale and launch a community ruled DAO version of it with lot’s of new fun features. For us it was pretty awesome to connect people from all over the world and create inclusive parties for everyone from everywhere. Of course it’s different to an event in a bunker or on a boat – but it’s lots of fun anyway and might give you some nice opportunites to reunite with your friends in Colombia over a beer.

Nevertheless you found time to release one or the other track. What are the ideas behind the current release on A Tribe Called Kotori?

We created this release with our good friend Vincente Marlice, who also sang the vocals. Both Originals are about a story of two people waking up besides each other. From the two different perspectives.

What tools did you use for the production?
From voice, over guitar and analog synths to Omnisphere, Serum and Ableton, pretty much everything that popped up in our heads.

Otherwise, as artists, how are you coping with the pandemic, which hopefully will end soon?
We’ve been pretty busy with LifeLive, so it probably affected us less than others, as we are not so focused on playing and getting gigs.

If something awesome comes up, we are up for it of course – but apart from that we’re also happy with evolving our vision – and with producing some shoulder massaging basslines.

What are you guys cooking up for the next few weeks?
Probably lot’s of pasta, anything potato related and most certainly some proper Kraut! And then we’ll put it all into a big pot and have a feast!
Music-wise we are working on a Downtempo-Salsa with shitload of bass and bells.