South African Artist Blanka Mazimela Is Back On Get Physical Music With His Votile EP

South African artist Blanka Mazimela continues to flourish on Get Physical Music with another beautifully organic house EP featuring a Nizhe Desoul remix. Over the last few years Blanka Mazimela has truly come into his own with an array of standout tracks on Get Physical and his steady hand at the controls of the latest Africa Gets Physical album. Each musical offering has showcased his unique, fully formed sound and deft use of organic instrumentation and vocals. Next to DJing, producing, and playing live, Blanka is also the content head and head of musical composition for Soul Candi’s Institute of Music. He kicks off this latest and greatest EP with ‘Phezulu Reloaded.’ It is a deep house track laced with spirituality thanks to the vocals of Khonaye. Harmonic bell sounds and shimmering synths come on top of warm, comforting bass to ensure a heartfelt experience. ‘Votile’ is another gorgeous production that proudly wears its South African heritage in the vocals, rhythms, and percussive patterns that so quickly hypnotise you. For the more driving and physical ‘Triumphant’, Mazimela links with Shivers BW to cook up a tribal groove made all the more vibrant by the soulful male vocal. The track is peppered with lush chords and held together with taught bass and takes you on a glorious adventure. Last of all is a remix from Underground Vessel Records boss Nizhe Desoul. He has landed on this label before now and is also a lecturer at Soul Candi Institute of Music. He masterfully flips the original into an astral techno exploration with yearning vocals and nimble rhythms that keep your whole body moving.

‘Votile’ is house music filled with a fresh perspective and uniquely South African spirit. Out now on Get Physical Music:

HMWL: Over the last few years we have seen many releases from you appearing on Get Physical Music as well as the yearly Africa Get’s Physical compilation being compiled by you. How did this relationship with Get Physical begin and what does it mean to you?

Blanka: My first feature on Get Physical was on the first compilation of Africa Get’s Physical 1 which was mixed by Ryan Murgatroyd. My first release being Phezulu and the release solidified the relationship between us. It’s always good to have a record label that really believes in your ideas and really appreciates your craftsmanship. Yes this is a business but at the same time I feel like Get Physical music really believes in the African dream. Our relationship is really a solid one and for that reason it will always feel like home. 

HMWL: What does the title of this new EP mean?

Blanka: ‘Votile’ is my dad’s first name and the EP cover is a silhouette image of him when we went on a holiday together. The song was really inspired by him. On the vocals it features Xolisiwe and the track was recorded about 5 years ago. Recently it has been ringing in my head and I think I had to get it out to the masses to appreciate. 

HMWL: Your New EP on Get Physical Music takes us back to a new version of your track “Phezulu”. What made you revisit Phezulu?

Blanka: Phezulu was a song that had an 8 minute vocal in the beginning. So because I couldn’t use all of it I kept the other half of the vocal. Funny enough I would always play the acapella over the first version when I’m playing live. This kept becoming an itch and I knew I had to make a reloaded version. Khonaye agreed that we bring this version out to the people to hear the full story of Phezulu. 

HMWL: Who or what are your biggest Inspirations behind your music?

Blanka: My family, my ancestors, where I come from and my travels. These really allow my creativity to flow. Some melodies come from dreams or walking in the fields of Duytwa in the Eastern Cape. 

HMWL: What can we expect from you for the rest of this year?

Blanka: Two more EPs and I think I’m inching closer to my debut album *hint hint. Definitely doing a european tour this year if the borders eventually open. 

HMWL: What has been your most memorable gig?

Blanka: I have quite a few. Wolfkop Weekender 2020 sits right on top of this list. Sexy Groovy Love in Boschendal follows right after that. The right people came to these events and it was just perfect. 

HMWL: What is your dream gig?

Blanka: Budapest in Hungary or CircoLoco in Ibiza.  Would definitely add Tulum on my list & Burning Man.  But I really think one dream would be to do a Cercle gig in Dutywa or somewhere on the wild coast. 

HMWL: Sunrise or Sunset?

Blanka: Sunset! Sunset at Cafe Caprice in Camps Bay.