Siphe Tebeka Drops “Ndiyekeni” EP on Shimza’s Kunye Imprint

South African rising DJ and producer Siphe Tebeka is set to release his debut EP on Shimza’s iconic record label, Kunye, on the 26th of March, 2021. Boasting previous releases on Berlin’s famed, ‘be an ape’ founded by Ante Perry as well as M.A.N.D.Y.’s genre-leading, ‘Get Physical Music’, Siphe Tebeka now lends his immense production prowess to his home soil’s burgeoning Afro House monolith that is Kunye. He’s enlisted the help from prolific French artists, Mozaïk who boast remixes of Agoria, releases on Madorasindahouse and Radiant as well as support from some of the worlds leading artists, Solomun, Dixon, Tale Of Us, Agoria, Eagles & Butterflies and many more.

The title track to the EP, ‘Ndiyekeni’, meaning, ‘Leave Me Alone’, features haunting vernacular vocals from talented South African singer, Toshi, who is one of the most accomplished vocalists from Africa, having been previously featured on Black Coffee’s hit single, Buya, which was further remixed by Loco Dice and M.A.N.D.Y. Toshi was also named as Traxsource’s number 1 Afro House vocalist in the world.

Upbeat percussive elements and a leading staccato synth accentuates the anthemic melodic elements that form together effortlessly to create a momentous display of Siphe Tebeka’s raw talent and production prowess.
Up next, the French brothers that form Mozaïk, take on, ‘Ndiyekeni’ in a flashing display of elegance that they have been able to develop in their sound. Hypnotic arpeggio’s, orchestral percussion and a synthetic tag line that will not easily be forgotten, they encapsulate the vocals with grace and push it to a new frontier.

Closing off the EP, ‘Bayeza’, invigorates the senses with it’s playful yet melancholic synth line, vernacular chant-like vocals and a growling bassline that accentuate the rhythm and help brings the EP to a climax,
ending things off with a well-curated celebration of South African House music and a true reflection of what Siphe Tebeka and Mozaïk are capable of.

Siphe Tebeka’s ‘Ndiyekeni’ EP – available everywhere – March 26th 2021 via Kunye Record

HMWL: What inspired the Ndiyekeni EP?
Siphe: Uuh. The Songs was recorded 6yrs ago, I dint know what to do then, so last year I decided to Revisit the project, and I removed the whole instrumental and started fresh, and yeah

HMWL: How did your relationship with the vocalist Toshi come about?
Siphe: Toshi came to my studio, and I played her some of my tunes, and she loved them, and I loved her unique voice, so we were in contact, she sent 2 songs (vocals) to work, she didn’t like the 1st version I sent her (2015), then last year I sent her a new version, and she LOVED it…

HMWL: What has been your favourite performance to date?
Siphe: Bazique Festival 2019

HMWL: Do any of your past releases stand out as a favourite to you personally?
Siphe: My Cold Lava EP and My Single Featuring Amanda (Uzondilinda)

HMWL: Do you feel that there was any one release or performance where you felt that you had now reached a new level in your career?
Siphe: Bazique Festival 2019 haha

HMWL: Any advice for people struggling to stay motivated during the Corona Virus quarantine period?
Well all I can say is, what do you do when there is no gigs/events happening… And always have a side hustle, even the main stream artists have side hustle. so yeah

HMWL: What is your favourite song to perform?
Siphe: My Unreleased Song, SACRED

HMWL: Who are your favourite artists at the moment?
Siphe: Stimming & Olivier Giacommoto

HMWL: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?
Siphe: Promoters Paying Artists What They Deserve.

HMWL: What is a simple piece of advice that has helped change the quality of your music?
Siphe: Pay Attention, have people or a friend you trust with your music to give advice. don’t always do everything yourself.

HMWL: What would be the best advice you wished you heard when you were starting out in the music

Siphe: Patience, Research and don’t Follow Trends.

HMWL: What are your plans moving forward?
Siphe: I’m Planning a Tour For 2023 and Releasing an Album After Corona Virus.