Sio – Golden ft Kid Fonque & D-Malice (Original Mix) [Deep House / Stay true Sounds]

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In FEATURES, Sio plays on the word, flipping the script on the traditional house feature, where she the vocalist, FEATURES the producer.
She connects with a host of incredible music makers from South Africa and UK including Charles Webster, Kid Fonque, Dwson and others creating a deep dark electronic dance-scape.
Sio, the storyteller sings about how her FEATURES, being a multiethnic, non-white woman in South Africa, have been met with challenge.
Confronting lust, twin flames, narcissism, beauty privilege, sexism, gender based violence, femicide, misogyny, black fishing, cultural appropriation, race and the delicate dance of interracial relationships on a bed of deep, intricate and beautiful sounds.
This is a brave body of work where she yet again bares her soul.
Welcome to FEATURES.

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