Pretty Pink about her new release Dark Woods

Pretty Pink is undoubtedly one of the most successful DJs in Germany and has the best qualities and skills to become one on an international level. She is known from the stages of all the big and well-known festivals like Tomorrowland, from her radio show on Sunshine Live, Kiss FM Australia and Insomniac US, through her releases on labels Anjuna, Armada, Sony, Warner and Found Frequencies.

She is also responsible for the two labels Deep Woods and Wanderlust, which were followed by their own series of events. And when Pretty Pink is not taking care of studio productions and remix requests, managing her labels and touring, she presents stirring podcasts and DJ sets. So it’s no wonder that the official DJ MAG from the UK has now inquired in the context of the Top100 DJs.

You recently played for DJ MAG at the Top 100 DJs Virtual Festival alongside artists like David Guetta and Claptone – can you tell us more about that?

I was very happy about the request from DJ Mag. All the participating acts presented an exclusive set, which was streamed live as a video. Those who missed the live stream can now discover my set on the DJ Mag YouTube channel.

You didn’t record your set in the studio, but in a breathtaking setting – how did you come up with that?

It is important to me not only to deliver special musical output, but also to present something special visually. I love nature, so it was obvious for me to shoot something in the midst of our breathtaking nature in my home country. In keeping with the motto “Deep Woods” and “Wanderlust” of my labs of the same name, I chose a quarry (Brandes in Saxony) in the immediate vicinity, which also awakens wanderlust and wanderlust.

Among other things, you played some productions of yours and releases from your labels – was that a conscious decision?

Definitely, yes. For the 100 DJs Virtual Festival by DJ Mag, I put a lot of thought into the tracks and the atmosphere beforehand and am very happy with the result and especially the feedback from the fans.

It was important to me to integrate a small showcase of my labels Deep Woods and Wanderlust, as well as my own tracks that are very close to my heart, such as Woodtales (Spinnin’) or Awake (Found Frequencies), which are getting a lot of attention worldwide. But of course I have also included fresh promos and tracks that inspire me in the set.

Now you’re also back with a new track called Dark Woods – what’s that about?

Oh yes, the track Dark Woods is the first glimmer of my eponymous DARK WOODS EP, the tracks of which will be released progressively until December. And already this first track is something very special for me. I worked intensively on it in the studio and I think its club-oriented and at the same time melodic character shows well the style of the whole EP. Listening to it still gives me goosebumps and pure energy. I just played it in Miami during my US tour and got great feedback on it.

Stream: Pretty Pink – Dark Woods