Mozaik Land On The Remix Duties For Siphe Tebeka’s “Ndiyekeni”

Armed with their bewitching synthesizers lines and powerful drums, the 2 brothers composing Mozaïk are just like archeologists. Melodic & ethnic, their music explores differents civilizations and cultures of the world. In a way, its a real call to travel and discovery.

Alex, the creative mind, take care of the production side and craft the singular sound of Mozaik. Matt, the dj, takes the audience with him on a long journey and a beautiful travel in each of his set. Fulltime partners, the 2 brothers are complementary and shape together the unique identity of mozaik.

They release their productions on labels such as Sapiens, Madorasindahouse, Radiant, Art Vibes, Plaisirs Sonores records, Aftertech Records and now, Kunye Records.

We caught up with the brothers to have a chat about what is going on in their life and how they came about remixing this EP.

HMWL: When you were approached to remix Ndiyekeni, did you have an idea of how you’d like to produce
it from the beginning or do your remixes tend to develop naturally?

The idea for this remix came naturally when we found a melody that matched with Toshi’s voice, it was
easy to continue and develop the track.
HMWL: When remixing other artists, do you have certain criteria in mind that the original song needs to
have before agreeing to remix the song?

No, we just have to like the song, our decision to accept a remix request is quite instinctive. There is often
an element that we like and we start thinking “ok, this element can be a good base for a remix”
HMWL: What has been your favourite performance to date?
Opening for the legendary of disco house Cerrone last year !
HMWL: Do any of your past releases stand out as a favourite to you personally?
We are really proud of all our tracks, it’s difficult to chose one but Idjewena release on Madorasindahouse
was the one which that made us known to the public and producers
HMWL: Do you feel that there was any one release or performance where you felt that you had now
reached a new level in your career?

Again, our track Idjewena was a booster for our career because it was played by all the big guys from
electronic scene like Solomun, Dixon, Tale of us, Agoria, Ame and many more…We gained a lot of
visibility with this track!
HMWL: Any advice for people struggling to stay motivated during the Corona Virus quarantine period?
Stay positive and patient ! Take advantage of these moments to learn new things, new skills, new
HMWL: What is your favourite song to perform?
Maybe Yelna, one of our first track released in 2018 on Aftertech Records. The crowd always become
crazy when we drop it !
HMWL: Who are your favourite artists at the moment?
Innellea !
HMWL: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?
The way that the streaming platforms pay the artists !
HMWL: What is a simple piece of advice that has helped change the quality of your music?
It’s a technical advice but mixing in mono is maybe one of the best advice we received in the last year.

HMWL: What would be the best advice you wished you heard when you were starting out in the music

At first, it’s always grateful to sign of first track/ EP on labels but it’s important to not forget that its our
creations and to stay in a kind of independence and manage our own career. Your music is yours !
HMWL: What are your plans moving forward?
An EP on Eklektisch, Edu Imbernon’s imprint. An EP on Kinesen. A remix for famous British artist and
many things to come but we can’t tell you more now :-)