Monolink & Innellea Release Special Live Performance of ‘Under Dark’

Steffen Linck has always had two musical hearts beating in his chest, which he unites under the pseudonym Monolink. His qualities as a singer-songwriter meet the unrestricted love for electronic music of special quality; a combination which gives Monolink’s sound a special emotionality. Both passions intertwine and weave into a rhythmic whole. 

Standing out with his original and melodically diverse recordings, Munich live act Innellea is consistently adapting the mould that surrounds contemporary techno. The highly in-demand producer and remixer now offers up his unique and abstract sound to Monolink’s track ‘Under Dark’ from the ‘Under Darkening Skies’ album.

Driving through the core of this outstanding rework, Innellea keeps Monolink’s driving, octave guitar hook as the spinal root to build around. Synthesized, tuned percussion pulses bring counter-rhythmic shades that morph around echoing vocals and hypnotic hi-hat rhythms. Cavernous atmospherics and swelling tones meet stimulating synthesizer leads that all bring this standout piece of dance music into a beautiful and truly imaginative light.

To mark the remix release, the two artists have come together deliver an exclusive live video performance of the track, recorded from a secret warehouse location in Berlin. Featuring Steffen on vocals and Michi behind a wall of synthesisers and controllers, you can check out the full video via YouTube here.

Video credits:

Production: CAPT Artists
Camera & Editor: Jasper Rother
Director: Jasper Rother & Sanny Erhardt
Camera: Niklas Krug

Monolink – Under Dark (Innellea Remix) is out now via Embassy One.