Monkey Safari Live at Ellinge Castle, Sweden

It was a pleasure to host Lars & Sven aka Monkey Safari at our Castle Sessions at Ellinge Castle in Eslöv Sweden.

Monkey Safari proudly unveil their new album ‘Love Will Set U Free’, their fourth full length project and their most definitive work so far. Over the past year the German duo have been utilizing the forced downtime to immerse themselves in making music. In such strange times their creative process shifted, taking them down new avenues as they channelled their combined experience and broad backgrounds into the new LP. Unable to road test their music, as they normally would, Lars and Sven initially approached the album with slight worry – unable to tap into that seemingly crucial audience to artist feedback loop. However, in the end, it helped to liberate them resulting in a project that embodies the Monkey Safari sound in its purest form.

Monkey Safari new album “Love Will Set U Free” is out now on Homage.
Their upcoming album Body Language will vie out soon on Get Physical


1. Djuma Soundsystem & Westby – Koma Kobache (Get Physical)
2. Urmet K & Idd Aziz – Ni Wewe (House Music With Love)
3. Monkey Safari – Artifact (Get Physical)
4. Monkey Safari – Gira (Hommage)
5. Monkey Safari – Palomar (Get Physical)
6. Monkey Safari – Mantra (Palomar)
7. The Fog – Been a Long time (Multiply)
8. Disclosure & Eko Roosevelt – Tondo (Island Records)
9. Super Flu – Trombarossa (Monaberry)
10. Monkey Safari – Oualahila ft Tinarwen

Special Thanks to:
Eslövs Kommun
Event in Skåne
Ellinge Castle

Produced by Nim Sound and Alen Kaljaca

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