El Mundo, Zazou & Niki Sadeki launch new label “Quetame Records”

The trio of artists combine for a new label that focuses on deep and sensual organic house with melodic sounds. Quetame Records first release is a magical four track EP from label owners El Mundo & Zazou. Setting a high standard, it fully embodies all that the project stands for, fusing eloquent, soaring melodies and delicate percussion.

Based in the Netherlands, El Mundo has performed as a DJ and live-act together with Zazou across the world and released music on labels such as Do Not Sit On The Furniture Recordings, Kindisch, Souq Records and Earthly Delights.

Zazou is a Berlin-based artist, multi-instrumentalist and regular collaborator with El Mundo, but he has also released solo tracks with imprints such as Laut und Luise and Rebellion der Traumer.

Niki Sadeki doesn’t feature music on the labels debut, but her presence is felt, as each of the tracks would fit perfectly into one of the Canadian’s world-renowned DJ sets.

Releases on the label will be available in both vinyl and digital formats with the artwork designed by the talented Anna Schnorf / Obic being as stunning as the music.

This truly is a magical EP with stunning vocals amidst its dazzling array of beautiful sounds. So far, the label has only released some short sound snippets, but those have already got us excited for more.

The first release is now available on all major platforms: https://quetame.fanlink.to/quetamerecords

HMWL: Jaschar & Pim, we have over the years heard about how you guys met at a house warming and
instantly connected over music and spent weeks sending each other stems. But how did you
guys and Niki meet?
Niki: Joining forces with those two creative forces happened very organically, as I’ve been a big fan of
their sound for a while. We got in touch last year while I was working on “A Mirror for the Sun”
compilation for Souq Records, as they contributed a track to the release. Their track ‘All Along the Way’
became an instant hit, and after that, we got the chance to work with each other more closely. Around
the same time, El Mundo and I started working together on our remix of “Blood Moon”, and from the get
go it was quite evident that our creative energies were in sync. So far, it’s been an exciting ride, and I’m
very much looking forward to what lies ahead.

HMWL: The debut release is a stunning four-track EP by El Mundo & Zazou whose eloquent style of
soaring melodies fused with delicate percussion is on full display. Can you explain the
production process behind this EP?
Pim (El Mundo): To be honest, it wasn’t an easy process with this EP, because it’s the first EP on the
label, we knew it had some pressure on it. The tracks came together over a long period with lots of
subtle adding, fixing and moulding before each one was sculped as we wanted. The core of the tracks
were created at the beginning of 2020, and they got tested in live sets during our US tour in February.
We weren’t satisfied with them until the end of 2020, so it was long process to get them perfect. Also,
I’ve moved from Berlin to the Netherlands in September of 2020, so Jaschar (Zazou) and me weren’t
living so close to each other after that, and it became harder to collaborate. Fortunately, Jaschar visited
me at the end of the year, so we managed to finish most of the important stuff together.

HMWL: Your new label is called Quetame Records, can you tell us a little bit more about the brand
identity and the name?
All: To us, music has always been a unique medium to release and amplify positive energies along with
connect people. This is something we all share and it’s what binds us together as a group. Quetame
strives to be a platform about timeless electronic dance music, as we are all on the hunt for the classic
tracks of tomorrow, and looking to help talent that deserves their chance shine in the spotlight.
We want Quetame to be more than just another record label, as we’re here to support artists beyond releases, co-
create events, and foster new collaborations.

HMWL: Do you have specific roles in the label?
Jaschar (Zazou): I’m behind most of the texts, some of the videos, and involved in most of the general
decision-making process.
Pim (El Mundo): I’m responsible for handling our distribution, and keeping track of all the files such as
audio, plus artwork. We each have some input in all parts of the release process, but take the lead on
the things were our natural talents lie.
Niki: I do most of the social media marketing, and manage overall marketing strategy for the releases
plus the label’s identity.

HMWL: Once things are back to normal, can we expect to see Quetame Records together on tour for
some showcases and events?
Jaschar (Zazou): For sure, and we can’t wait for that time to finally arrive! Showcasing and co-hosting
events is written in bold letters on our agenda.
Niki: That will definitely be a great experience, and we have already discussed it. I suppose, for now, it’s
just a waiting game for the world’s lockdown to be over.
Pim (El Mundo): Definitely. We believe in what we are doing, and hope other people will believe in us
too. We want to bring quality dance music to the table that comes from a place of passion and honesty.
And with in-person events you can have real interactions with the people who follow your music so it’s
something I really look forward to.

HMWL: If you had to describe this EP to someone that has never heard your music before, what would
you say?
Jaschar (Zazou): Actually, that’s quite a challenge. As a matter of fact, our music has never really fit into
a genre box: we’re faster than downtempo/organic, slightly slower and more melodic than
tech/progressive house, and rougher on the edges than melodic ouse. While we do exhibit a certain style
that listeners might recognize in our music, every song we release is unique in its own way.
Unfortunately, this is nothing to boast about, since fitting in boxes and having a linear style makes it so
much easier to market yourself in that bubble, and find a readymade audience looking for that sound. But
we’re happy where we’re at, and like our individuality. We look forward to dropping many more niche
songs in the future. Now to answer your question… I guess, I’d just send them a link to our EP, as
listening to music is much easier than describing it lol.
Pim (El Mundo): Haha, I fully agree with Jaschar here :)

HMWL: Who can we expect to see appearing on Quetame Records in future?
Jaschar (Zazou): Some hot stuff in the pipeline from Javid, Niki, Felix Raphael, Timboletti, Powel, Nhii,
Avem and a release by Pim and me.
Niki: I’m excited to say I’m in the process of working on my first official EP, and it feels great to have it on
our own label. It’s going to be interesting to see how things will creatively unravel in the next couple of
months. Filtering the melancholy from dark and moody vibes to create the Quetame Records dreamy
sound is an interesting journey indeed :)
Pim (El Mundo): The main thing is releasing music that we love, and not get focused on working with big
name artists. The next release will come around the middle of June, and is a stunning track by Yoav
called “Blood Moon”. Niki and I remixed it, and we are super happy with the result.

HMWL: Sunrise or Sunset?
Jaschar (Zazou): Our music fits sunsets for sure, but of course I do enjoy sunrises… I don’t witness
them very often due to my sleeping rhythm.
Niki: Sunrise.
Pim (El Mundo): To me, there is something magical about a sunrise. The smell in the morning, the dawn
of a new day. Especially when you were up all night. It means you (pretty much) enjoyed the 24 hours a
day has. It’s like, yeah, I’ve enjoyed this day to the fullest :D

HMWL: If you were a rock band, who would you be?
Jaschar (Zazou): My first tapes ever were from Nirvana, Faith No More, and Guns’n’Roses. I still listen
to some of their songs once in a while and get nostalgia goosebumps. That being said, I wouldn’t mind
being compared to Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd.
Niki: This is a hard question. I do love the grungy sounds of the late ‘80s and ‘90s, but I also love the
psychedelic vibes of the ’70s. So, I guess I’d be the lovechild of these two genres.
Pim (El Mundo): I’m a very big fan of Nick Cave. The emotion he brings is very much in line with my
feelings, and there is no other artist who has that for me. So, for me it would be Nick Cave and his band
The Bad Seeds. Although, I would be very insecure about what I’d add to the band haha.