DOMPE (Jackfruit/Get Physical) Interview

In 2019 Dompe released HIPPIE CRACK, his double vinyl album on his label Jackfruit. All vinyl and the tape edition were sold out after a short time. As a reward, on top of that there were high chart entries on Beatport and various listings on Spotify. One thing is for sure, this is the ideal basis for the motivation to release an album again in 2021: FRENCH COLLECTION – the new baby by the master of house music and disco lover Dompe is waiting to be heard. We had a chat with the berlin based artist, who released on labels like Snatch! and Get Physical, just to name a few.

Hey Dompe, It’s good to have you back. A lot happened after our last chat. How have you coped with the Corona crisis as an artist so far?

Hello , nice to be with you again. It’s been a roller coaster ride with lots of ups and downs. Basically, I have coped well with the crisis so far. Except for the fact that you can no longer work as a DJ, my everyday life from Monday to Friday has not changed much.

I still try to go to the studio every day and make music. 

What consequences has the whole thing had on your life in Berlin, what do you miss most at the moment?

I miss public life the most. Just going to a restaurant or bar with friends again. Meeting new people, talking in a nice round and of course especially my job as a DJ. I just miss those positive emotions that I took with me from a weekend in the club. That have always motivated me personally to go to the studio to make music.  

Which three things have become essential for you due to the Corona restrictions?

My family and friends and of course music. 

Sometimes you can also draw positives from crises – so let’s move on to your upcoming album! What was the idea behind your new longplayer?

Actually, there was no idea at the beginning. That happened only so with and with. I had at some point about 20 tracks that all went in the same direction. All very Disco House with a very positive mood .

Then at some point I came up with the idea to release these not all as individual singles but as a kind of collection , as the name suggests . Therefore, it is for me also not a classic album but rather a collection of tracks that are released as a long player.

The artwork is something very special – who is responsible for it and how did the voting go?

As with my last album, the artwork comes from the comic duo Bringmann & Kopetzki. I’ve been a big fan for ages. The comic books of the two I can really recommend to everyone. The cover is a reference to the movie poster of the film French Connection. The idea with the car came from Bringmann & Kopetzki.

That a disco ball should be on it, was my idea. And the guys managed again to create a great cover. I can’t wait to finally hold the vinyl with the artwork in my hands. 

Do you still remember some special moments in the studio during the album production?

Not to very specific moments, actually. For me, the best moments are always when a track develops. At some point there is always the point where you know this is it now. The idea is put on paper, so to speak. But I remember the creation of the track ‘Lemon Ice‘ very well. When I finally found the theme I was just very happy and I danced a lot in the studio during the creation of the track. That’s always a very good sign for me 😉

The album is full of good vibes, disco house feeling and energy – where do you get the inspiration for it?

I’ve spent a lot of time with my record collection. The music with which I started 25 years ago carefree into the future. Full of positive emotions a look into the past and at the same time into the future. In addition, I listened to a lot of disco and funk and was inspired by all this.

I tried to forget all the negative influence of the difficult time. This resulted in a lot of tracks that are now released as a French Collection. 

Which of the album tracks would you throw on the turntables at the first party after Corona?

My personal favorites are Frencheese, Lemon Ice and Smiling Vibes. I can’t wait to play these out loud in front of an audience.