Definition, Natascha Polké – Trojan Love (Tim Engelhardt Remix) [Melodic House / Definition:Music]

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‘Trojan Love’ plays tricks on your mind.

Underground-feel meets organic sounds in the club mix version of Trojan Love, the latest collaboration of Definition and Natascha Polké. The track is highly nuanced from start to finish. Light, understated synth patterns keep teasing and rising, every now and then slipping through a filter to gain prominence. A throbbing bassline takes up all the space. Together with driving percussion it builds endlessly, until it’s cut by uncompromising silence – only pierced by the disarming voice of Natascha Polké. (When the weighty bass rolls back in, total ecstasy). Somehow this track manages to increase in its intensity again and again, we rise and fall, led by melodious lines played on a dulcimer and a punchy kick that gives the track its potency’

Mindfully placed string elements bring in additional layers of ethereal vibes in the sunset mix of Trojan Love. Haunting, yet somehow light and playful they marry melancholy with humble attention to detail and feather-light percussion. Melodic dulcimer patterns flow like the stream of a waterfall and take over our moving bodies like a rolling bliss. Dream-like interludes let us catch our breaths just long enough to submerge anew. Natascha Polké has managed to create a consistency in the remarkable wide variety of this track that makes it the perfect place to get lost in comfortably — it feels like watching the sun rise and set over and over again.

Tim Engelhardt’s remix of Trojan Love, the latest collaboration between Definition and Natascha Polké, is a skilful slow-burner pairing an ever-present melancholic atmosphere with organic programming. The producer weaves subtly disorientating vocal effects into harmonic fluidity with ease, underpinning it all with a steady beat that could carry us to the end of time. Engelhardt’s manipulation of space is unparalleled. Racing synths and carefully placed melodic fragments take us on a deep journey, floating yet minimal, dark yet comforting — and wistful throughout.

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