Bohem Interview & New Release On HMWL

House Music With Love opens up 2021 with a bang thanks to this fantastic new EP fromBohem, who offers three fine originals and gets remixed by Bodaishin. Born in Azul, a small town outside Buenos Aires, Argentinian Bohem creates mystic,nature-inspired musical journeys that fuse downtempo, organic house, deepness and techno into his own sounds. Cane di Stradqopens up with nine minutes of lush instrumentation and rolling deep house drums. The spiritual sounds are delicate and airy and get you in a trance as you sway to the delicate rhythms. Cane di Stradq(Bodaishin Remix) is a subtle rework with more heavenly pads and gentle grooves all detailed with shakers, harp sounds and warmth. Berlin then goes deep into a nice cavernous groove and is topped with gorgeously warm xylophone melodies that bring plenty of Latin charm. Book of Strength is another exquisite piece with heavenly chords and rippling keys getting you into a dreamy state before gentle drums and woody hits eventually arrive to carry you away

You are originally from Azul, a small city of 50,000 people outside Buenos Aires. These days you are residing in Holland? What brought you over to Europe?

Exactly. I’m currently in the Netherlands, I don’t know for how long. Europe is an achieved goal, it’s the search for a better future.

And how about your musical journey? Did you play any instruments at an early age or did you go straight to electronic production? 

I started playing the guitar, then the harmonica, I had very intimate encounters with the instruments.
The downtempo, the deephouse are my, electronically speaking, “favorite” genres, among others. I have a great relationship with international rock, mainly ’80s- ’90s.. from which I get a lot of sound.

Is downtempo electronic your musical potion of choice? Or do you have a secret “musical guilty pleasure” like grunge or 80s rock or Eurovision? :)

I’m also a great follower from the ’80s onwards, also of national music, rock, reggae. These years bring me very bohemian artists, with a very powerful ideological conception of which I like to be part, I like to nourish myself of rock.

What things inspire you to get into the studio with an idea for a new track? Is it walks in the forrest, playing computer games or just a good night sleep or good day daydreaming?

Whenever I start a track I try to balance and feel my spiritual vibration, accompanied by the message I want to give to the world. It’s like a salad of wishes for a better world and a way to join the cause … in the end, artists are social communicators, and we have a great and beautiful responsibility.

Your new EP on HMWL is called Mental Hemisphere, an EP with dream spiritual sounds yet enough punchline for a dancefloor. What’s behind the name? And how was this EP born?

Mental Hemisphere basically speaks of the unknown hemisphere, which comes out of cultural nature, tries to cut and redirect what cultural actions and reactions are to enter a different hemisphere, a bohemian hemisphere, in my case, to add those who feel part. Born of love, born of hate, born of birth it invites you to control your mental hemisphere.

Tell us a bit more about the names? Cane De Stradg? Berlin? Book of Stengths? Any stories behind these?

Berlin was the first track on the album. The vocals of the character Berlin from the well-known “Money Heist” that has the track together with the other elements, tells a little about relativity and in this case relates it to time with moments, concluding that nothing is conclusive right? :). Then Cane di Stradq, this in Catalan means shepherd, dog or sheep. It is a saying that my friend Leito used to tell me a lot.

In life, a “shepherd, dog or sheep” is born, the shepherd being alias the boss, the dog a character who is not interested in the system or orders and the sheep the faithful follower of the system. For that matter we were dogs , but shepherds by the shadow hahaha. It’s actually the B side, mental capacity doesn’t understand about positions. Finally The Book of Strenghts is a change of page, to continue writing more, and culminating the EP Mental Hemisphere as a chapter of a book, a story, based on a true story, right?

Whats up next for Bohem. Are the new tracks, EPs or tour plans ahead of the summer?

For Bohem, a world of self-knowledge follows, I will move to Spain where I have to start contributing to continue with my dual citizenship and go back to work a little with some old friends that the pandemic has disconnected from, also to stay close to my friend Bodaishin, working together in search of a dream, to be behind the trays of a BurningMan. Times of hard work and joy are coming.

How do you feel about making music in general? Is it something you want to do full time or do you prefer to keep it as part time hobby?

Music is my greatest love, they don’t understand about times…

Finally what is your “best” meal you would cook for a good old friend that would visit you?

Hugs with mashed potatoes.