Belfast’s Max Cooper reworks Parra For Cuva’s “Planet and Body”

Following the acclaimed release of the album, Parra for Cuva wants to continue expanding Juno’s horizons – now offering up its tracks for seven fellow producers to remix. Juno REMIXES contains impressive reworks by renowned musicians Henry Green, Max Cooper, Aparde, Innellea, Rezident, Robot Koch and Brandt Brauer Frick.
“It was a great pleasure to invite my dear friends and colleagues to continue the Juno journey with me. I’m fascinated and marvelled by all the ideas and work they put into the original compositions and how they moulded them into something fresh,” says Parra for Cuva of the album.

While the fusion of sounds and voices, and the imaginative narrative created by Parra for Cuva made Juno into a meditative and dreamy journey, the seven remixes on Juno REMIXES challenge the listener with subtle twists that interrupt the original hypnotic groove. It’s an amusing paradox how Parra for Cuva’s latest album Juno, containing recordings of the South American ronroco, an Indian flute player, and the hammered dulcimer, an ancient Persian instrument, was almost entirely produced within the four walls of the artist’s studio in Berlin. That’s the beauty of the 21st century though, one barely has to leave a room to travel far and wide.  With the participation of seven musicians and a vast array of instruments – from bells to flutes to kalimbas and hang drums of all kinds –  from around the world, the album offered listeners an escape out into a colourful world, teeming with diversity.

Max Cooper’s rework of “Planet and Body” sees the producer from Belfast take Parra for Cuva’s originally serene track into a drum and bass tempo. “Once I had that in place I just had to follow the vibe where it took me, with plenty of synth detailing, improv jams and layers of Nicolas’ original parts to build towards the peak,” explains Max Cooper of his remix process. Max Cooper, who has won world-acclaim for his immersive productions and oftentimes experimental approach to music-making, added a dynamic edge to the original tune, all the while retaining the purity and warmth given by Marlena Shaw’s vocal samples. It’s enigmatic but entirely dance-able, arousing and soothing all at once.