Angelov (Monaberry) Interview

No doubt, an artists first ever release is always an exciting occurrence. In this case, it has been the Cabora EP by Ukrainian DJ and producer Angelov, whose tracks artists like Solomun has played in many sets around the globe. This and the fact that Solomun passed the tracks on to a few of his high-tier DJ friends created quite a buzz on social media for the young artist. Actually he returns with another fresh joint on Monaberry – imprint of Super Flu.

Please tell us a bit about your musical journey! When did you get into Djing and then into production?

I started djing much later than producing. My first attempt to make electronic music was around 10 years ago, as i downloaded DAW on my laptop. I wasn’t taking it seriously for a long time, had fun, and all my music was shown only to friends.

Just 3 years ago I bought my first studio monitors, and tried to send demos to labels for the first time. Before my debut release I played only a few times in local clubs. SoI just was concentrated on other things, and didn’t have many chances to dj.

Your EP Iliada contains 3 beautiful pieces of melodic techno and Indie Dance with housy elements plus one nice remix. Tell us about the inspiration behind the tracks!

Inspiration for any track usually comes to me with any sound or a melody. I just play with my synths\VSTs and try to make something catchy, that can make an emotional foundation for all other instruments.

Let’s have a view into your studio – Which is your favorite plugin or hardware at the moment?

I think the Diva VST plugin is my favorite. It has high quality, analogue-like sound, and a lot of possibilities for sound design. Also I often use my new hardware synths from Arturia: Minibrute 2 and Mikrofreak. Every synth has its unique character, so I am always experimenting with everything on my table.

What do you do when you get stuck on a track production in the studio?

In such situations I just start to work on another track. But when I’m not satisfied with my music for a long time – I spend a few days outside the studio, to reflect everything and refresh the mind.

Good rest is really necessary for creativity.

Where do you get new inspiration and energy?

I think my music passion always moves by the music itself. Any touching music inspires me to create.

And which track will you play at the first big rave after Corona?

Something from the classic I guess… maybe DJ Mehdi – Signatune

What’s next in the pipeline of Angelov? Any releases or remixes coming out in 2021 you want to reveal?

Sure, there are two remixes from me incoming later this year: one for Mia Mendi & Thomas Gandey, and another one for Tom Zeta.

Also I’m working on some other releases, but I will announce them later :)

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