Agja (Twin Town Production) Interview

Agja from Berlin is a melodic free spirit and has already launched many an exciting release. We talked to Agja in the context of his new EP on Twin Town Production.

Hi Agja, congrats on the new EP! Before we dive into your latest work – please tell us a bit about your musical journey? When did you get into electronic music and into production?
Thank you so much! Hm, I think one of the biggest reasons why I slipped into electronic music was my brother. He brought me to artists like Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, the Klinik, fsol and so on in the tender age of 13.

He recorded a special MiniDisc as Christmas gift for me. Mind blowing. Hits me from the first moment. A Year later I started to try myself on a Pc with Software like Rebirth 1.0 . Doesn’t take long and I buried my first synth. A Roland D2. What a messy orange beast… and there it was happend!

What’s special about your latest EP on Twin Town? Can you tell us something about the making of it?
It is an alternative ending for the previous released live-production “die erzählte Geschichte”. No doubt, I was thinking about a raindrop riding the wind. Started in a Town the raindrop now comes to the landside.

For this EP I played around with tape-machines and reamping. I often recorded my room as effect but never recorded it to tape to use band-compression and other nerd-stuff, but this time I did and I like the results. Specially the space in “der alte Mann” turns out so beautiful.

And in which mood do you produce the best?
Difficult to say. Mostly I would say while in some relaxed mood, but also when i’m worried, euphoric, or nasty… I could say I’m most productive by night but not by mood.

Do you have a certain defined studio routine or time frames?
No, lucky not. So yes, there is a certain routine by workflow, but nothing stiffy. I try to fool around and play things. To be honest, I like to stick a contact-mic on things when smashing them or get lost in tweaks on a synth. For me it’s important to play around, to let things happen. Fortunately, my studio
is at my homeplace, so I can use it when ever I want.

Which is your favorite plugin or hardware at the moment?

My all-time favorite synth is the Virus C. I like this tiny black beast with his red lights.

I like the dirty but precise sound of this machine and the tricky but awesome way to build up sounds with it. But what to say, there are so much lovely gear out there.

Do you have a guilty pleasure kind of music outside the electronic sphere? What do you listen to when you get away from the studio?
I am an old-school kid from the 90’s. So I often take a throwback to stuff like Fishmob, Kinderzimmer, Tomte, but also music from bands like Autechre, fsol, Orb and so on… I don’t think in genre. If it catches me, it worked.

How much have your routines in life and your work as a DJ been changed by Corona? How do you deal with the situation?
For my daily routine it is a total mess. I work in a specific field in broadcasting and since pandemic started, we are not allowed to work anymore. So it’s time for educational things. I try a lot of new things, new techniques and stuff I would never get my hands on. This is my way to deal with it. If everything is changing why not me? Don’t panic, don’t stop looking forward. Use the time to try new things.

Which track will you play at the first big rave after Corona?
Definitly “der alte Mann”. I would love to hear this on a big system and see all the reactions in the faces of the people listening.

Finally, what can we expect from you in the next months in 2021?
I planned together with Twintown two new EP’s for this year. So let’s see what this year will hold up for us.