Yarosslav release new EP “Elephas” out now on Rituel Recordings

Born and raised around the world, the Yarosslav brothers are the symbol of a family story creating its own boundaries.

Composing indie electronic compositions, their musical expression is orchestrated by Viktor creating sophisticated grooves and Anton delivering mesmerising melodies. Synthesisers, guitar riffs, organic percussions mixed with dreamy vocal : a balance that represents their diverse influences ranging from electronic to more indie songs.

The brother’s mantra: in between concert and electronic live set. They interpret their own productions on scene: ideas come as the environment changes, bringing the dance to another state. In 2018, the duo released music on label such as SincopatRituel Recordings or Seven Villas.

2020 sees the brothers releasing their outstanding Spanish romantic styled downtempo track including remixes from Luca Musto and Xique-Xique.

Hi Anton & Viktor, how are you both?

All good, thanks.

First could you tell us the history of Yarosslav’s name and what’the origin of the duo is?

We chose Yarosslav as our name because we wanted to put our origins from Eastern Europe upfront. Yarosslav started when we both quit our rock/indie bands and decided to start a new project from scratch. At the time, Anton had just discovered Ableton. He immediately told me (Viktor) about this software which you could use to produce your own music at home. The idea felt cool and we did our first song at the time without knowing any sophisticated techniques. We were just able to record true/organic instruments with simple microphones and an electronic drums set plugged in midi. And the result was very personal. We had amazing feedback and got our first live gig. That’s how it all started. 

How did you get into electronic music?

Anton used to be a true clubber when he was 16 yo… And at a point he started showing me (Viktor) electronic music and I really enjoyed it as well. Also, our father had introduced us to a magnificent vinyl record: “autobahn” from Kraftwerk. We were fascinated by the sound design and the atmosphere. And we started digging on websites such as 1001 Tracklist. That way we were able to recoup with all the tracks that had been played by our favourite DJs. And take a deeper look at the production approach. Because it’s always been what matters the most for us. 

Your new single ‘Elephas’ has just released on Rituel Recordings label with remixes from Luca Musto and Xique-Xique, what really stood out for you working with the label?

We really liked the artwork for the cover. We think it fits very well with the track. Also, we were very happy to see that the Artistic Director let us have complete freedom on the composition and arrangements of the track. Depending on the label, this can more or less be the case. A great experience with Rituel Recordings; true friends!

Where did you find the inspiration and could you let us know the production process behind ‘Elephas’?

Our first idea was to remove all gender-specific restrictions. We squeezed the tempo, the rhythm, all the rules and we made it sound like us. We told the story of a spiritual mind/monster that would have a very heavy gait, a bit like an elephant. And it would be called “Elephas”. It reminded us of our travels in Latin America and allowed us to express ourselves with our instruments. The challenge though was to record all of our instruments with a perfect quality and to do so, we were accompanied by our sound engineer: Arsène Roy. He has a very cosy studio in the 20th district of Paris: Studio Dupark

Outside electronic music, what do you guys listen to?

We listen to Synth Pop, New Wave, Dream Pop, indie rock, lo fi, shoegaze.. a lot of stuff actually!

What are you doing at the moment? What are the next projects & music plans? 

We recently did a live set in the Studios of Rituel Recordings. It was video recorded. So, we are about to release this live video. We’re very happy about it because it’s a set that includes only unreleased songs. Stay tuned!

Tell us a bit more of what contains your music studio, preferring hardware or digital touches? Mixing both? 

We definitely prefer hardware. There is nothing like the feeling and the convenience of hardware compared to digital. We’ve got a TR-8 drum machine, a roland SPD-SX, a JU-06A synth, a low pass analog moog filter, a Nord stage Elektron 2, a Grandmother from Moog, micro phones both for vocals and percussive instruments, 4 guitars… and lots of percussive organic drums ! That’s what we have mostly.