TNTS – Lockdown (Part of the Abilities X V/A)

Sometimes we venture, and towards where you ask? In this case, towards darkness and voids. Guiding us is Belgian artist TNTS with his latest release ‘Lockdown’ on Sasha Carassi’s Phobiq!

After a two year hiatus TNTS is back with an “in your face” track that is sure to transform your living room into a dark dancing frenzy. The track is a part of the Abilities X compilation, and does a great job contributing to the entire release. Wasting no time, ‘Lockdown’ opens up with a strong and captivating bassline giving us a peak of what is to come, and the introduction of the kick and snare is the equivalent of a jet taking off. What more do we need? 

A rising moody arpeggio to slowly lead us towards the drop (or demise)? – Check. Perhaps an introduction of gritty details luring in the background as if taken straight from a lumber mill or factory? – Check.

This track is a blast, the mix is sweet and one could only imagine it being played at a dark and worn-out warehouse somewhere out in the bush. It would most surely set the tone for the night!