The prominent record label ‘Kinesen’ comes out strong with the release of the new EP ‘Memories Live Forever’. The release, produced by the two label owners Parsifal and Tommy J Gren, features four top tunes with two originals as well as two remixes where the producers took turns to remix each other’s tracks. An awesome concept that proved to work out very well for the release.

The first track on the menu is ‘Ottocento’, a track composed by Parsifal that shines through with a gorgeous low-end and pulsating arpeggios and pads. Directly following the original, is Tommy J Gren’s take on the track, where he introduces new percussive elements to the track as well as letting the lead elements take up a bit more space. Two very-well executed productions. 

Next up is the track ‘Memories Live Forever’ by Tommy J Gren, where an atmospheric intro leads us into a deep environment of moody leads and bass that works really well together. Parsifal’s remix of the original closes the EP and is of a more percussive tone and with a direction towards more of an afro house feel. Both versions make great use of the leads, and the low-end work throughout the entire EP is of top quality.