Luis Baro – Moment of Transition EP

Fresh Meat Records – setup by Mazi Navmar (Audio Soul Project) and Nathan Larsen and operated out of Chicago USA have always had an ear for quality tunes, and the latest record by Luis Baro is no exception. The release itself is being sold to directly support a grassroots collective called “Assata’s Daughters”- FMR is proud to present this lovely release featuring stripped back rhythms, lots of soul and a fresh perspective to back such a good cause!

The track ‘First Impressions’ opens up the EP and comes complete as a Dub version. The dubbed out delay together with pulsating stabs and vocal samples hits the nail on the head and really sets the mood of the track. Moving on we have Aaron Chase, another Chicago native with an envious skillset, with a slightly harder take on the dub with his remix filled with snapping snares and piercing hats. The same beautiful story, just told a little differently.

The track ‘Partners’ takes things on a more percussive and complex jaunt, driving the funk with swinging chords, carefully placed samples and a deft synth work where it’s needed. The track feels like a display of the producer’s expertise when it comes to laying down a smooth vibe. The final track of the EP ‘Uplift My Heart’ channels an old school – almost Mr G-esk feeling. It’s heads down, hard hittin’ and with a whole lot of soul!

Fresh Meat Records has long been a staple of the heads who are truly in the know. Their eclectic take on House music stems from the second wave of Chicago House that hit in the earlier 90s. Since its launch in 2006 they have dropped plenty of universally loved records that have had many a heads boppin’.

Support the cause and get your release of the ‘Moment of Transition EP here: ttps://