LADS – In the beginning there was groove

Catalogue Number NWS025 on “nie wieder schlafen” has been delievered by the southafrican-german duo LADS. The two artists regularly release on well-known labels and stand for a melodically driving style full of finesse. We have a look behind the curtain of their current release Bamboo and talk to LADS about business, music and their future.

Hi guys, how are you both?
Hey guys, we are both doing well given the circumstances happening in the world right now with the virus and quarantine. However, we’re making a lot of music so all is good.

Tell us a brief potted history of LADS, and tell us one thing about yourselves that you think makes you stand out?
LADS is a half German/half South African duo that started in late 2016. We both had solo projects before LADS as Luc Angenehm and Deep Suite. We started talking via Facebook and realised that our sound and goals were very much the same and so we decided to form a duo. One thing that makes us stand out is that our sound is not confined to genres and is very organic. We try to fill our tracks with little “Easter Eggs” that allow the listener to discover something new each time they listen to one of our tracks.

Where are you guys based exactly – How does it affect the music you make?
Luc is based in Dusseldorf, Germany and Gary is based in Pretoria, South Africa. Living in Germany makes Luc very technical when it comes to automations and arrangements and living in South Africa makes Gary fill our tracks with groove and soul.

How do you resolve disputes in the studio over this distance when you are producing? Or do you always agree on everything?
We work via G Drive bouncing ideas back and forth adding our own individual strengths to each track. We definitely do not always agree on everything but we always find a middle ground that we are both happy with at the end of a production. As both of us are very critical and perfectionist in a way, sometimes this takes some time haha.

Do you think the music you produce is reflective of your personalities in a way?
Yes definitely. Luc is more introverted and is definitely responsible for our more melancholic and emotional stuff. Gary is more outgoing and extroverted and adds the more driving and aggressive elements to our music.

But our music is also reflective of our moods and emotions at the time of production.

Outside of electronic music, what do you guys listen to? Do you also take inspiration from other genres?
Outside of electronic music, Gary listens to hip hop but grew up listening to rock, jazz and blues as well and Luc listens to mostly electronic music with some hip hop.

Your new EP is being released on NIE WIEDER SCHLAFEN – How was it working with them? What really stood out for you working with the label?
We’ve been part of the Nie Wieder Schlafen family since their “Avanto” VA release. We released a track called “Celesta” on that compilation, however, we’ve known Steppi for a long while before our LADS project. Working with NWS is always a pleasure. It’s a humble group of people that is super driven and dedicated to creating art, both sonically and visually. The artists on the label are always very supportive of each other and offer advice on productions all the time.

It feels like a family more so than a label.

What thoughts have led you to release a vinyl instead only digital?
LADS: In this day and age, music exists as .mp3 and .wav files on hard-drives. To celebrate our debut EP on Nie Wieder Schlafen we wanted to create a tangible EP that will long survive us when we are no longer here. Releasing a vinyl is a major milestone in any artists career and it’s one that not every artist will experience so for this we are very excited and grateful.

Finally, What’s next for you guys?
LADS: During this quarantine period, we are fortunate enough to have been approached by so many artists that we have the utmost respect for to remix their projects along with a few collaborations with some artists that we admire. We also have some original EP’s and singles coming out in the next few months on some really nice labels. Of course, there are no festivals or shows to play right now but we have a super exciting live stream on Lost & Found on the 8th of May.

We can’t wait for the world to beat this pandemic so we can get back to doing what we love, performing music for you!

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